Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 439

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 439 – “Shut up!” Jeremy roared angrily.

Yvonne immediately kept quiet out of fear. She saw a coldness in Jeremy’s eyes and did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

Jeremy walked past Yvonne and his mother as he approached Madeline. When he saw Madeline’s displeased expression, he asked gently, “Are you full? If you are, then let’s go home.”

Madeline got up slowly, her arrogant eyes scanning across Yvonne and Jeremy’s mother. She said slowly, “I don’t want to eat anymore. How can I have an appetite when I’m facing those people.”


Jeremy’s mother exploded immediately. “Jeremy, did you hear that? She’s talking about me with that kind of attitude!”

Madeline smiled coldly. “So what if I’m talking to you that way? Do you think I’ll let you bully me like Madeline?”

“Y-You…” Jeremy’s mother was at a loss for words. “Vera Quinn, what do you mean? Are you outraged by the injustice Madeline suffered? How interesting. But you can’t stop me from scolding her when she is a b*tch! She said Meredith was framing her, but if she had behaved well, who would have wanted to harm her?

“That heartless b*tch slashed my grandson’s face and I still haven’t avenged my grandson for that. Thankfully, she’s d**d now. If not, I will never forgive her!”

“I told you to shut up! Didn’t you hear? Do you want me to get angry?” Jeremy was livid now, and his eyes were filled with ice. “Madeline was proven to be Miss Montgomery. Do you dare to say all these to Eloise and Sean?”

“…” His mother pressed her lips together in awkwardness.

When she found out that Madeline was the Montgomeries’ daughter, she was completely stunned.

Madeline was a feral child who was brought up by a mentally ill old man but she turned out to be the young lady from the influential Montgomery family. She refused to accept this.

Back then, she even curried flavor with Eloise. She said it would be amazing if they could be in-laws. In the end, Madeline’s true identity came back and slapped her across the face.

The room plunged into silence as Jeremy’s gaze softened. “Vera, let’s go back.”

Madeline released her tightly clenched fists as she glared at Jeremy’s mother with an icy gaze that was filled with flames of anger.

When Jeremy’s mother saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s hand considerately, she started muttering to herself angrily, “Hmph, so what if she was the Montgomeries’ daughter? I’m just telling the truth. That b*tch really almost d********d Jack and she must have been involved in Brittany Montgomery’s d***h too!”

Madeline stopped in her tracks. She turned her face, her piercing gaze landing on Jeremy’s mother’s face. “You didn’t see it with your own eyes or have any evidence, but you’re accusing someone of a crime. If the truth came out one day proving that Madeline was innocent, will you apologize? You won’t. You’ll just bully the weak and kneel to the strong.”

“…” Jeremy’s mother looked at Madeline’s mocking gaze with awkwardness on her face.

Of course, she was unconvinced and unsatisfied. However, she did not dare to say anything when she saw how much Jeremy protected Madeline. She could only endure her anger.

Madeline was right. She would only bully the weak and kneel to the strong. She would also take unfair advantage of the weak and fear the strong.

This time, she knew she was faced with a rival.

Vera was indeed something else. Madeline was not able to compare to her.

On the way home, the inside of the car was oddly quiet.

Madeline looked out of the window and saw the changing scenery outside. Her gaze looked desolate.

She would always remember this road. She remembered how he had choked her so cruelly just to protect Meredith. He also warned her and was suspicious of her.

Despite her using her life to plead for an ounce of trust from him, in the end, she was still kicked out of the car in disdain.

On that day, it had been very windy and was also raining cats and dogs.

She endured the pain in her body and collapsed to the icy ground.

If it was not for Felipe, she might have gotten run over by a car and would have died in the middle of the road. Perhaps, she would have died from pain.


‘In my memories, you’ve only ever brought me pain.’