Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 432

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 432 – She paused for a few seconds before picking it up.

A man’s deep and hoarse voice sounded softly, “Have you returned to the company?”

“No, I returned to my store,” Madeline said calmly, “Aren’t you busy? Why do you have the time to call me?”

“I suddenly missed you,” he said softly. After saying this, he added, “For real.”

These two words made Madeline’s heartbeat skip all of a sudden. Her gaze shifted to the computer screen, her heart feeling disturbed.

“Vera, I might not be able to go back tonight. Will you miss me like how I miss you?”

Madeline was silent for a while as she listened to his words.

Not knowing how much time had passed, she then replied softly, “Of course, of course I’ll miss you.”

After obtaining her answer, Jeremy chuckled softly and said with a sweet tone, “Don’t worry, everything will be resolved soon.

We’ll never be separated again after this.”

Madeline listened to Jeremy’s words blankly. By the time she had come back to her senses, it was unknown to her when the call ended.

She vaguely felt that something was off, and after switching off the computer, she immediately went to the detention center.

Meredith was very happy to know that someone had come to visit her, but when she saw that it was Madeline who was sitting in the interview room, her face turned gloomy.

Meredith had dark circles under her eyes. She glared at the noble and elegant-looking Madeline with hatred as she dragged her handcuffs and shackles.

She saw on the news a few days ago that the Montgomery family already knew that Madeline was their biological daughter and had announced it publicly. Yet, they did not seem to know that Madeline was now Vera Quinn.

Meredith glared at Madeline with ferocious eyes, suddenly sneering, “Want to know the whereabouts of the mix breed you gave birth to back then?”

“I indeed want to know, but I don’t think you’d tell me.”

Madeline was very clear in her heart. “Meredith, let me ask you, why did you destroy my grave and even stole my ashes?”
“Ashes?” Meredith laughed loudly the moment she heard it.

“Madeline, I really wish you were just a handful of ashes! You d**n b*tch! If I knew you weren’t d**d, I wouldn’t have wasted time in that kind of unlucky place!”

Madeline’s eyes lit up when she heard the words. “So you admit that you really did destroy my grave?”

“Yes, so what?! I even found someone to curse you, to make you not have an easy life even as a ghost!”

Listening to Meredith’s spiteful cursings, Madeline was shocked into a daze.

It was not because of Meredith’s evil curse but the fact that she had confirmed through Meredith’s answer that the destroyed grave was really made for her.

“Madeline, don’t be happy just yet. I’ll definitely get out! When that happens, I’ll k**l the little one first and leave you with regrets for the rest of your life!”
Madeline got up slowly and looked over Meredith condescendingly.

“There’ll be no such day. Once the truth behind the d***h of Brittany and my grandfather is revealed, what awaits you will be the d***h penalty. That day is about to come very soon.”

“Madeline! Don’t leave, Madeline! Don’t think you’ll ever find that mixed breed of yours!”

Madeline ignored Meredith’s roaring curses behind her and proceeded to leave the visitor room.

That night, Madeline stood on the balcony without feeling sleepy. She faced the evening breeze of early winter.

‘That destroyed grave was really mine?

‘Why would he set up a grave for me? And why did he look so crazy when it was discovered that my grave was destroyed?’

Madeline could not fathom it and decided to stop thinking about it.
Early the next morning, after Madeline had sent Jackson to kindergarten, she went to Whitman Corporation.

As soon as she reached the doors, she heard someone calling her. “Vera.”
Madeline looked back and saw Felipe walking toward her. She quickly recalled the thumb drive.

Felipe then said immediately, “Vera, is the thumb drive with you?”

Madeline no longer let herself think about anything else. She took out the thumb drive decisively from her bag and handed it over, “Here you go.”

At this moment, Madeline’s wrist was grabbed again.

The familiar heat and breath made her heart tighten. She raised her eyes and locked them with Jeremy’s deep gaze.

Jeremy looked at Madeline, his thin lips parting slightly as he said, “You can’t give it to him.”