Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 431

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 431 – Madeline’s outstretched hand was suddenly hauled up and Felipe was immediately interrupted right when he touched the corner of the thumb drive.

He looked up unhappily with his cold eyes and saw an angry face.

“Vera Quinn, how could you be so shameless?!”

Yvonne yelled, “As soon as Cousin Jeremy walked away, you immediately came to have a sweet lunch with another man. Both of you are even holding hands publicly. You’re so cheap, you don’t deserve to be my cousin-in-law! I’m going to tell Cousin Jeremy about this right away!”

Madeline really did not expect Yvonne to have tailed her. As she was listening to Yvonne’s slanderous words, she withdrew her hand unhappily and said, “Speak with your respect. This ‘other man’ you’re talking about is Jeremy’s uncle.”

“What?” Shocked, Yvonne looked at Felipe who had a cold facial expression. It was only then she noticed that this man not only looked handsome and extraordinary, but his facial features were indeed somewhat similar looking to Jeremy’s.

She knew that Jeremy had an uncle, but she never saw him before. Now that she had seen him, it was unexpected to her that he would be such a rare handsome man.

“Apologize to Vera,” Felipe demanded unhappily.

Yvonne pointed to Madeline. “You want me to apologize to her? Why?”

“I could sue you just based on the few words you’ve said,” Felipe replied indifferently.


Madeline smiled and glanced at Yvonne. “Felipe, forget it. False apologies are never needed for me.”

“You…” Yvonne’s face was flushed in anger.

At this moment, a reminder tone rang from Felipe’s mobile phone. He glanced at the screen and his brows slightly furrowed. “Vera, I have to go back to the company to attend to some important things.”

Madeline smiled. “Go ahead.”

Felipe nodded. He glared at Yvonne, then turned around dissatisfied.

“Tsk!” Yvonne sneered contemptuously. She rolled her eyes irritatedly at Madeline before leaving as well.

Only Madeline was left alone again now.

She looked at the sumptuous lunch and freshly unbottled red wine on the table, then sat back down slowly.

Holding the thumb drive in her hand, she simmered in her thoughts for a moment before immediately returning to the office at First Crystal Street.

She copied all the contents of the thumb drive to her personal computer, then clicked on a folder to open it.

Madeline scanned through it roughly and found that most of them were the plans of various projects, contracts, and some related materials of Whitman Corporation.

These were all highly confidential documents. The corporation would inevitably suffer serious damage once they get leaked out.

Madeline also discovered that a recent project plan that Whitman Corporation was secretly working on was also amongst the files.

It was a cooperative project with ZF, and no mistakes could be made. Otherwise, the consequences would be more than the mere loss of money.

With this data now in her hands, Madeline’s lips gradually curved upward.

It turned out that destroying one person was really this easy.

‘Jeremy, you must have never thought that the woman you hate the most isn’t only alive, but she’s also even about to make you experience the feeling of being ruined.’

She chuckled, her mind filled with his cold and merciless eyes from that time.

However, just as Madeline was about to shut down the computer, she suddenly found a folder with no name.

She clicked on it easily and found that there were thousands of txt files in it. Madeline clicked on one at random and found that there was only one line inside, ‘It’s nice to see you again. I mean it.’

Madeline immediately withdrew her fingers that were holding the mouse.

“I love you. I really do.”

The six words that Jeremy uttered to her while hugging her on the seashore of April Hill before they were married resonated clearly in her ears now.

‘I really do.’

‘Is he emphasizing something?’

Ring, ring, ring… Suddenly, her phone rang.

Madeline was pulled back from her thoughts and saw Jeremy’s name displayed on the screen.