Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 43

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 43 – The next day, Madeline bought some fruits and her grandfather’s favorite snacks before going to the hospital.

She went directly to the room her grandfather was staying in but realized her grandfather was not there.

Madeline went to the reception to ask about this. When the nurse saw that she was Len Samuels’ family member, the nurse looked at her with a peculiar expression. Her tone was also unfriendly. “So, you’re Mr. Samuels’ granddaughter? Is this how you should behave as his grandchild? He has been d**d for three years. Why are you still here? Go to the f*****l parlor. His ashes are over there.”

Clank! The fruits in Madeline’s hands fell to the ground.

She widened her blank eyes and was stuck in a daze. The pain started to penetrate her entire body.

She thought her heart was d**d. She thought it was so numb that it would not feel any pain anymore. However, this suffocating pain was making it hard for her to breathe.

Her grandfather was d**d.

He had been d**d for three years!

She had not even seen him for one last time!

Madeline went to the f*****l parlor and took her grandfather’s ashes as well as his belongings.

It was in the evening of early winter and it was drizzling.

Madeline held her grandfather’s urn and knelt in the rain. Tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably, blurring her vision.

The hurt and regret caused her heart to ache. She could never do anything to make up for it.

Ava ran over and held her, crying while comforting the other woman. “Don’t cry, Maddie. It’s all in the past. It’s all over now.”

With Ava’s help, Madeline found a b****l plot for her grandfather.

After paying her respects to him, she went back to the hospital to ask about her grandfather’s d***h. The nurse replied nonchalantly, “He died of old age.”

Died of old age?

Madeline felt that something seemed fishy. Her grandfather was in tip-top shape the last time she visited him before she got i**********d. Why would he d*e all of a sudden?

Even though she was suspicious, she could not suspect anything without evidence.

She found a butterfly-shaped gold pendant in her grandfather’s belongings. Her real name ‘Eveline’ was carved on it.

Madeline subconsciously felt that this was a gift from her grandfather to her. She felt a pang of pain in her heart and put the necklace around her neck with tears still in her eyes. This way, it would be as if her grandfather was always here with her.

She had been i**********d for three years and could not keep up with the change of time in the outside world.

She wanted to find a job quickly, but she was still unable to forget about her child who was kidnapped after she was inducted into labor.

Madeline brought her resume for an interview at a new company. When she was at the front door, she saw Meredith getting out of an expensive car.

She would remember Meredith’s face even if she had been burnt into ashes.

Madeline clenched her fists. When she started to feel an impulse rising in her chest, she heard one of the employees saying, “I’m so jealous of Meredith. Not only is she Miss Montgomery from the four major rich families now, but she’s also going to marry my idol, Jeremy Whitman. She must’ve saved the universe in her past life.”

When she heard that, her heart sank.

After she asked about this, she knew that Meredith was not the Crawfords’ biological daughter. She was the Montgomerys’ child who got wrongfully picked up by someone else 28 years ago, which meant that she was Eloise’s biological daughter.

Three years ago, Meredith transformed from a girl of an average household into Miss Montgomery of the four major rich families in Glendale. Plus, she even gave birth to a premature baby boy for Jeremy two years ago. The Montgomerys and the Whitmans all treated her like she was a gem.

Madeline was surprised by Meredith and Jeremy’s wedding. She thought Jeremy would have married the love of his life the moment she went to p****n.

However, the truth was that they were not married yet.

The interview went well and Madeline got the job. When she thought about how Meredith was Eloise’s biological daughter though, Madeline felt unwell.

She tried to get more information about this matter. As such, she went on the internet and saw Meredith posting a photo of a baby on her Twitter account. It was a boy and he looked about two years old. The little boy’s eyes and face looked almost the same as Jeremy’s.