Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 429

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 429 – Yvonne turned her head abruptly when she heard Madeline’s words, only to see a surveillance camera.

Yvonne’s confidence deflated instantly. She looked extremely embarrassed.

Jeremy’s icy cold eyes swept over Yvonne’s face. “Don’t let me see you get any closer to Vera.”

Yvonne trembled with fright. “Jez, I…”

“Get lost.”


Yvonne was not happy about it, but she saw the employees whispering on the side while looking at her. She suddenly felt her cheeks heating up immensely. She glared at Madeline angrily before running off.

Jeremy walked toward Madeline, the coldness in his eyes dispersing immediately. “Did she hurt you?”

Madeline shook her head and smiled calmly. “I’m okay.”

Jeremy seemed to be more relieved after hearing this. He gently held her hand and walked to the elevator. “Are you tired after working all morning?”

“All my fatigue went away when I saw you.” Madeline smiled with curved eyes.

Jeremy looked at her bright, smiling face, and a warm shade covered his cold face.

He even hoped that he could see this smile in front of him for a little longer.

The employees who had not yet dispersed could not help but feel surprised upon seeing this scene before them.

“It turns out that Mr. Whitman can smile.”

“Nonsense. Of course, he can. It just depends on who he’s with.”

“This Vera actually looks almost exactly like Mr. Whitman’s ex-wife, but why did Mr. Whitman hate Madeline so much yet pampers Vera?”

As the voices sounded, nobody could solve this puzzle.

Jeremy took Madeline to a nearby restaurant for lunch, but as soon as they sat down, he received a call.

The tone of the person on the other end of the call was a little pressing. Madeline could vaguely hear their conversation. It seemed to be work-related.

“Vera, I can’t accompany you for lunch anymore. There’s something I have to deal with immediately.”

“Work is important. You should go.”

“See you later,” Jeremy said and left a black card before leaving.

Madeline looked at Jeremy’s figure indifferently, her lips curling up.

Compared to having lunch with him and being forced to smile, she enjoyed her time alone more.

She ordered a bottle of red wine, and as the waiter poured the wine for her thoughtfully, she looked at the burgundy liquid. Her thoughts wandered away once again.
She thought of Jeremy’s start-up password as well as the graveyard and ashes. Madeline suddenly got up, left the restaurant hurriedly without taking a bite nor a sip, and went back to Whitman Corporation.

As expected, Jeremy had left due to an emergency, so he was not in the office.

Madeline entered his office freely. As there was a surveillance camera, she walked toward Jeremy’s office desk calmly and naturally.

Madeline then pretended to accidentally knock over a glass of water. She hurriedly took some tissues to wipe the desktop, then picked up the wet laptop and walked to the side. It looked like she wanted to wipe it down, but she had just taken the laptop to a place where the surveillance camera could not see.

Madeline wasted no time to turn on the laptop and enter the password that Jackson cracked last night. After keying in the familiar eight-digit number, the laptop easily switched on.

The password once again disoriented her for a few seconds.

Last night, she had heard Jeremy’s footsteps and immediately switched off the computer. She left the study without seeing anything. Now, she had plenty of time.

Madeline took out a USB flash drive from her bag decisively and began to copy the data.

It took about 20 minutes.