Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 423

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 423 – She pointed at Madeline arrogantly, and after saying that, she wanted to hug him.

However, as soon as she stretched out her hand, Jeremy walked around her indifferently and went toward Madeline instead.

“Cousin Jeremy?” Yvonne Yalemen stared at Jeremy who had not even spared her a glance.

Jeremy glanced at the coffee that was knocked over to the floor and looked at Madeline with concern. “Are you alright? Were you b****d?”

Madeline curled her lips. “It wasn’t hot enough for that, but…” She paused, looking at the woman whose expression had slightly changed. “This lady bumped into me twice. My shoulder hurts a bit.”

“…” Yvonne probably did not expect that Madeline would say this to Jeremy. She looked embarrassed and hurriedly retorted, “Cousin Jeremy, I didn’t bump into her. She bumped into me! “

While saying this, she stared at Madeline angrily.

“I had wanted to spare your dignity in front of my cousin, but it seems that you really don’t want to work here anymore. Cousin Jeremy, you should fire her and teach her a lesson!”

Jeremy’s handsome face sank as annoyance spread to the corners of his eyes and brows.

“I’ll teach you a lesson instead if you still won’t shut your mouth.”

“…” Yvonne closed her mouth, dumbfounded. She then saw Jeremy holding Madeline’s hand,

“Cousin, you… What are you doing? Why are you holding this woman’s hand?”

“Do I still need to report to you just to hold my wife’s hand?” Yvonne was dumbfounded. “Wife? Didn’t that b*tch Madeline d*e long ago? When did you get married again? Why don’t I know of it? “

Madeline’s eyes were cold when she heard Yvonne’s description of herself.

It seemed that Mrs. Whitman really did not hesitate to publicize her.

She was obviously a victim after being framed, but over the years, she had been burdened with all kinds of unbearable names.

These people did not know the truth but still opened their mouths and vilified her as a sl*t.

Really, it was hateful.

Jeremy glanced at Yvonne coldly before bringing Madeline into his office.

“Vixen!” Yvonne cursed in a low voice, feeling unconvinced. Then, she started following them.

Just as she was about to follow them through the office door, the glass door closed automatically.

Yvonne bumped her head on the glass and touched her forehead that was hurting. “Cousin Jeremy, open the door. I’m still outside.”

However, Jeremy ignored her and just kept talking to Madeline.

“I’m so angry!” Yvonne stamped her foot and turned away unwillingly.

Seeing that the uninvited guest had left, Madeline said casually, “Jeremy, is that really your cousin? When she was downstairs, she told me unhesitatingly that she’s one of the most important women in your life.”

When Jeremy heard these words, his eyes locked with Madeline’s. “The one and only important woman in my life is right in front of me now.”

“Really?” Madeline seemed to smile.

“She’s the daughter of my mother’s brother.” Jeremy explained.

Madeline nodded. That woman turned out to be his cousin.

However, did female cousins usually treat their male cousins in some kind of way?

It was not difficult to see that this Yvonne had a good impression of Jeremy.

Madeline pondered silently. She would not allow this person’s appearance to disrupt her plan.

“Jeremy, I plan to stay with you during this time to learn more about business management, can I?” Madeline took the initiative and said, “Although I founded Miss L.ady, my ability in this area is obviously insufficient, so I want to add value to myself.”

“As long as you want to, nothing is impossible.” Jeremy agreed simply.

Madeline smiled, leaning on his shoulder. “Jeremy, you’re so kind to me.”

She pretended to be happy and sweet, but this false happiness could not heal the wounds in her heart, let alone extinguish the spark of hatred.

Madeline followed Jeremy as his personal secretary that day.

Of course, her purpose was not to learn but the 70 percent worth of shares he held.