Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 419

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 419 – When Madeline turned around and saw the man standing not far away, she realized she had unconsciously responded to him calling her ‘Maddie’ just now.

Meeting Jeremy’s unfathomable eyes, Madeline very calmly put on a smile.

“Maddie? Don’t tell me you’re just like Mrs. Montgomery, unable to disengage from the show earlier and are still treating me as Madeline?”

Her tone made it sound as if she was joking. She then stepped toward Jeremy with a deep smile.

“But I didn’t think you would call Madeline so intimately. She is, after all, the woman you abhor, no?”

Madeline smiled slightly. She passed by Jeremy and picked up a magazine. Then, she sat on the bed and spoke casually, “It was quite unexpected. As it turns out, Madeline was really Mrs. Montgomery’s biological daughter. Moreover, she was swapped by a servant in the family right after she was born.

“What a shame that Madeline is already d**d. The truth came too late.”

Jeremy listened to Madeline quietly. He turned around and sat on the other side of the bed, his charming eyes falling onto Madeline’s beautiful side profile.

He parted his thin lips slightly and said, “Although the truth came late, it did come in the end.”

Madeline paused a little in the middle of turning the book, a hint of mockery in her beautiful eyes. “If so, while on this road that leads to the truth, who can make up for the harm caused to the person involved?”

She lifted up her palm-sized face and looked at the thoughtful man. Her gaze gradually cooled as her tone also became colder.
“Just look at Madeline. She was vilified at first, slandered and framed. Everyone had accused her, including you, the man she loved most. Now that the truth has surfaced, but so what? She’s already d**d.”

The word ‘d**d’ fell in Jeremy’s ears, feeling as though it had hit his heart directly.

He looked fixedly at the pair of star-like bright, beautiful eyes in front of him.

“But if she’s not d**d, do you think she’ll give the people who had wronged her back then a chance to redeem themselves?”

Madeline smiled faintly and put down the magazine in her hands upon hearing this. “If there really is an ‘if’, if a human’s life can really be reset, I think the one thing she would wish for is to never have met you. Some wounds may never be healed once inflicted. Forgiveness is easy, but giving it is too difficult.”

Madeline’s answer filled Jeremy’s heart with coldness all of a sudden. The ache in the corners of his eyes seemed to suddenly swell uncomfortably.

He finally knew that sometimes, casual words could also be like an invisible, sharp weapon that could stab a person’s heart.

Thinking of the time that he could not go back to and of the many times he had heaped verbal violence onto her, how strong did she need to be so that she could still stand up again and smile at him after being hurt countless times over?


‘How does one forgive?

‘Jeremy Whitman, you really deserve it.’

The next day after Madeline sent Jackson to the kindergarten, she was ready to look for clues about the child from back then.
As soon as she got into the car, she suddenly saw some popular news from her push notifications.

After watching the video, Madeline gripped the steering wheel in a daze. Her emotions were complicated.

It was a video of the press conference from Montgomery Enterprise.

She saw Eloise and Sean in the video. They had solemnly announced that Madeline was their biological daughter who was separated from them for almost 30 years. At the same time, they also emphasized that Meredith was just a despicable faker.

In the video, both Eloise and Sean’s eyes were red and they choked up a few times, but they restrained their emotions until the whole press conference ended.

After watching the entire video, Madeline had a smile on her face. However, her eyes were already soaked.