Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 412

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 412 – Eloise and Sean followed behind Jeremy with heavy footsteps. They finally reached the grave that had been destroyed into pieces.

“This… This is the place Madeline is buried?” Eloise’s eyes widened with surprise.

She really could not accept the scene before her.

The grave was a destroyed mess, and even the tombstone was broken to pieces till the point it was no longer able to be pieced back together.

“It was Meredith who caused the destruction,” Jeremy answered lightly.

Eloise and Sean’s eyes lit up with anger in unison, but there were more heartache and grief at this moment.

Eloise put down the bouquet in her hands, walked to the scattered stones, and crouched down slowly.

She picked up a small piece of gravel and stroked it gently and very cautiously as if she was holding a treasure.

Tears of regret dripped quietly onto the rocks, leaving heavy tear stains.

“My baby girl…”

Sean crouched down and put his arm around Eloise as well, crying with regret.

If they had not hated Madeline so deeply, hitting and cursing her, they would not be feeling this insurmountable guilt along with their grief at this moment.

Jeremy silently looked at the couple who was crying in their arms in front of him. His deep, black eyes no longer held the loveless gloom from when he used to come here in the past.

It took a while for Eloise to adjust her emotions before getting up.

“Where are Madeline’s ashes? Where are her ashes? Regardless, I’ll rebuild a grave for the child.”

“The ashes and the buried objects were all stolen by Meredith. I still don’t know where they are.”


“Meredith actually stole Madeline’s ashes? Why would she do this?” Sean could not understand this absurd behavior.

Eloise was extremely angry. “This woman, how could she be so vicious? She has already ruined Madeline. She’s no longer with us but I didn’t expect that even her ashes would not be spared! I will go and ask her about the whereabouts of Madeline’s ashes now!”

“Eloise, I’ll go with you,” Sean said and began to follow after his wife.

“Don’t waste your time. She won’t tell you at all.”

Eloise’s footsteps paused, the glittering teardrops in her eyes full of deep regret and self-blame.

“Mr. Whitman, I know you hate Madeline and that you don’t care where her ashes are. You’re indifferent even though her grave has been destroyed like this. If it were me from before, I would be the same as you, ignoring the matter as it was no concern to me, but now…”

Eloise smiled bitterly at herself.

“She’s my own flesh and blood. How can I be willing to allow her to be without peace even in d***h…”

Hearing Eloise’s words, Jeremy’s lips curled into a smile.

Everyone knew that Madeline was crazy in love with Jeremy, but only he knew his love for her.

He was not unnerved about anything regarding her only because these matters in front of him were no longer of significance.

“I think you’d better first go to another place with me,” Jeremy said as he moved his long legs.
Eloise and Sean followed him after a few seconds of hesitation.

Jeremy took them to the grave of Madeline’s grandfather, Len Samuels.

Seeing the name on the tombstone, Eloise and Sean raised their eyebrows thoughtfully. When they saw that the person who had erected the tombstone was Madeline, the couple was even more shocked.

“Grandfather?” Eloise was very puzzled.

Her father was not named Len Samuels and he had been living abroad all these years after she got married. He had never been to Glendale at all.

“He’s the only relative who raised Madeline.” Jeremy explained.

Hearing this, Eloise and Sean looked a little grateful.

“It turns out this old gentleman had raised Madeline.” Eloise bowed deeply, looking at the name on the tombstone. Suddenly, she felt the name becoming more and more familiar, “Len Samuels… I feel as if I’ve seen this name somewhere.”

She thought hard, and suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration.

“I remember! I saw this name at home!”