Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 41

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 41 – After her failed appeal, Madeline was forced to accept this absurd disaster.

Three years.

She laughed bitterly.

It was still unknown whether she could live until the day her child was born.

Madeline did not tell the officer about her pregnancy. She did not forget how she was so badly beaten when she told them.

However, her nightmare was still here. That night, Madeline was beaten up by a gang of bald prisoners.

Madeline did not have any energy to fight back. In addition to that, she was also being tortured by her tumor. She started trembling in pain.

She had no choice but to curl herself into a ball to prevent them from kicking her stomach.

This kind of situation would happen occasionally. Fortunately, they did not hit her stomach.

Madeline reported about this a few times, but nothing happened.

Every hopeless night, Madeline gritted her teeth in pain. She only managed to survive after thinking about the life that she was nurturing in her stomach.

‘Jeremy, you’re so cruel.

‘I fantasized about you being as happy as me when we finally met again. However, I was the only one who was obsessed with this for 12 years.’

Even though Daniel asked someone to send her some m********n to soothe the pain in her body, Madeline still felt her body getting weaker. There were a few times she felt like she was unable to hold on anymore, but her nurturing the child was the only thing that lit up her grey world.

Her child was almost ten months old. Since she was near her due date, Madeline had an even stronger intention to stay alive.

Thunder crashed on the night of the early summer.

Madeline felt her heart beating uneasily. Indeed, those prisoners had come looking for trouble again.

She thought they would leave her alone after kicking and punching her, but this time, they pressed Madeline down on the floor the moment they came in. Two of the prisoners trapped her hands on her sides while the others ripped open her pants roughly before supporting her calves.

She could tell from her instincts what they were about to do with her child. She struggled with all her might. “What are you doing? Let me go!”

However, those people ignored her struggles and screams. Immediately, Madeline felt a debilitating pain coming from her stomach. She could even feel her water breaking.

“Don’t hurt my child! Please!” Madeline was begging for mercy while suffering from excruciating pain. The intense fear and the debilitating, indescribable pain of childbirth tormented her at the same time.

Madeline was in so much pain that she felt as if she was about to split in half. Tears and sweat drenched her shirt. She felt as if she was being skinned alive. The pain was dissolving all of her limbs and bones.

She did not know how long this lasted. The pain caused Madeline to drift in and out of consciousness. While in her semi-conscious state, she heard the child’s string of powerful cries.

“My baby…” she muttered.

“Give me my baby.”

“Mr. Whitman said your b*stard child has to be buried with the baby his beloved woman lost. Madeline, don’t blame us. We’re just carrying out our duties.”

His beloved woman…

Carrying out their duties…

Madeline closed her eyes from exhaustion. Tears escaped from the corner of her eyes.

Their child would be buried next to the b*stard child that Meredith had with another man. Was that humiliating or lamentable?

The next day, Madeline got up from the floor and asked for help while enduring the fiery pain. She found the officer and said, “Last night, someone induced labor for me and escaped with my child after I gave birth to it.”

The officer looked at Madeline in confusion and asked, “You were pregnant?”