Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 398

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 398 – ‘You’re still alive, Maddie.

‘Not to mention that your life’s great now.

‘Thank goodness…’

Having admitted her identity, Madeline told the two of her experiences the past three years as well as what she planned to do.

With reddened eyes, Ava sniffed and turned to look at a despondent Daniel. “No way, Maddie. Don’t tell me you’re actually going to marry Jeremy again! He almost k****d you! It’s because of the news of your marriage to Jeremy that forced Dan and me to use such a way to get you to admit that you’re Maddie.”

With that, Ava proudly bumped her shoulder with Madeline’s.

“I knew you still cared about me, Maddie. You get full marks for this test!”

Madeline smiled before gathering her emotions, becoming serious. “My marriage with Jeremy is a must. I have to marry him.”

“Why?” Ava could not understand. “Did you forget how he and Meredith used to treat you?”

“It’s because of how they used to treat me that I must marry him again.” Madeline’s gaze was determined. “I’ll let those who hurt me know of the pain that I felt.”

Ava and Daniel knew better than to persuade Madeline when they took in the determination in her eyes.

Ava had to stay in the hospital due to her leg injury, so Daniel sent Madeline to the intersection instead.

Under the warmth of the autumn sun, he recognized the hints of youth from his memories in Madeline’s defined brows and the small smile that graced her lips.

“Would you give me the chance to take care of you when your plan for revenge is over, Madeline?”

While remaining quiet, she found the telltale signs of a confession in Daniel’s eyes.

Madeline gave a regretful smile. “Thank you for caring about me, Dan, but I’ve come to realize that timing matters too. Perhaps you were the right person at the wrong time.”

“Do you still love Jeremy?”

“Love?” The word was extremely ironic when used with Jeremy.

Oh, how she had loved him, so much that she threw away her dignity and sense of self in the name of love. Yet all she got in return was the loss of her firstborn. Thinking about it now, her love was almost pitiful.

As such, she no longer loved him.

Every inch of her humble love had died the moment he scattered their child’s ashes…

After parting ways with Daniel, Madeline made her way to the detention center.

Delight flooded her as she stared at a hollow-looking Meredith who sported dark circles under her eyes.

Turning on her phone, the entire screen was filled with news of hers and Jeremy’s impending wedding.

Meredith’s eyes immediately glowered as she read the news, envy and hatred bleeding from her gaze.

“You btch! Madeline, you btch! Don’t think that you’re off the hook already! Jeremy will strangle you to d***h if he finds out that you’re Madeline! He would!”

Madeline kept her phone away casually. “I wouldn’t be standing here with you if he actually wanted to strangle me.”


“What? How’re you doing inside? Tsk, tsk. It’s only been a while and you already look so haggard.”

“Madeline, you… You’re the one who made me like this. I’ll definitely take my revenge!”

“Revenge?” Madeline found it hilarious. “Who are you to use such a word? You’re the one who made you like this. This is your consequence for everything you’ve done to me! You’re the one who threw me in j**l and had inmates torture me. You even induced my pregnancy and stole my child! Your punishment is already light enough compared to all you’ve done to me!”

“You only spent three years in j**l while I’m spending 12 years in here!” Meredith tightened her jaw.

“12 years for the three lives you took is light enough, isn’t it? My grandfather, Brittany Montgomery, and my child. What are 12 years in j**l compared to the three lives you took?”

Madeline’s sharp gaze pierced into Meredith.

“You’d better believe that I won’t stop at 12 years. With the three lives you took, I can promise you it’ll only be a matter of time before you’ll have to go and repent for the lives you’ve taken. It won’t be any longer now.”

The hands that held her pant legs tightened as a spark of fear flared in Meredith’s eyes.

Meredith grew frantic as Madeline turned to leave.

She believed that the moment Madeline’s true identity came to light, neither the Montgomeries nor Jeremy would let her go so easily. If that happened, she would have a painful d***h waiting for her.

She did not want to d*e, let alone never see the light of day again!

“Madeline Crawford! What if I tell you that your b*stard child never died? You’ll think of a way to get me out of here, right?”