Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 396

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 396 – “Ava’s been in a car accident. It’s not pretty. She wants to see you one last time before she goes.”

Madeline’s footsteps halted as her heart began to thrum erratically.

Taking a deep breath, she had a feeling that this could be a test from Daniel and Ava.

How could Ava suddenly get into a car accident? No way, she would definitely be alright!

Madeline thought to herself quietly as she stared at Daniel in annoyance.

“I don’t know this person you speak of. Please leave me alone.”

She hurriedly made her way off, but her heartstrings were pulled taut in her chest.

Daniel’s gaze was sorrowful as he stared at Madeline’s decisively retreating figure. “Do you have to be so heartless, Madeline? Ava was your best friend. Do you want her to leave the world without closure at all?”

Madeline heard Daniel clearly for she had not made it too far when he spoke. However, her heart was adamant.

Still, Madeline trembled as she took out her phone to inquire the moment she turned a corner.

They told her that a lady by the name of Ava Long had indeed arrived at the emergency room due to a car accident.


Madeline’s heart raced.

Hailing a taxi by the side of the road, she immediately made her way to the hospital Ava was admitted to.

Madeline arrived at a private hospital room after asking around the hospital staff.

The door was open, but she found herself not daring to walk in.

She was afraid to see what Ava would look like all injured.

She was even more afraid of having arrived a tad too late.

Balling her fists, Madeline still entered the room in the end.

Upon walking in, Madeline was dumbfounded by the sight before her eyes.

On the bed lay a person who no longer seemed to be breathing. The ECG showed a flat line.

Madeline walked over nervously, thinking that a closer distance would allow her to see the patient’s face. However, she realized that their head had already been covered and hidden from sight when she arrived by the bed.

The entire bed was covered in a sheet of pure white.

Madeline’s body froze where she stood as she reached out her shaky hands to lift the covers.

Ava’s ashen complexion entered her vision, and Madeline felt the air get punched out of her chest. Her eyes b****d as droplets of tears streamed from the corner of her eyes.

“Ava…” she murmured, a shaky finger tracing Ava’s still warm cheeks.

“Why? How did it end up like this?”

Madeline refused to believe her eyes.

She imagined the day of their reunion to be not too far from now, so why did Ava have to leave her at such a time?

Why did the Heavens have to take away the people she loved again and again?

What horrible war had she started in her past life to warrant such painful experiences in this life?

Madeline leaned down painfully, clutching Ava’s hand in hers. The sickening pale color on Ava’s cheeks tore her heart apart.

“I’m so sorry, Ava. Maddie’s late…” she whispered regretfully in Ava’s ear as she hugged her.

However, she then heard a low chuckle by her ear just as she finished speaking.

Still startled, Madeline was met with a familiar voice speaking next to her ear. “Are you finally admitting it now?”