Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 388

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 388 – Madeline watched the car drive off silently. Technically speaking, it was not a lie.

Their daughter was still alive.

‘The one who died was the silly and foolish Madeline Crawford, not your daughter, Eveline Montgomery.’

Jeremy had planned to bring Madeline to Whitman Manor after they visited Eloise.

However, he felt a change of heart at the sudden turn of events. “I just remembered that I have something important to deal with. I’ll send you home first and pick you up tonight?”

Madeline smiled kindly. “Go, Jeremy. I’ll wait for you to pick me up when you’re done.”

The corners of Jeremy’s lips quirked, but the smile was not one from the heart.

He was merely forcing out a smile.

Madeline had felt something was off about him ever since he heard that Meredith was a fake.

After alighting from the car, Madeline watched Jeremy turn the car around without a second glance backward.

It was a stark contrast to how he used to watch her leave before he made his way off.

Realizing something was wrong, Madeline hailed a ride to follow him.

She found that Jeremy had parked his car at the detention center.

Had he come to visit Meredith?

Madeline’s eyes flickered with a cold glint as her lips quirked up into a mocking smile.

“You still love her, don’t you, Jeremy?”

Meredith was jubilant when she came to know that Jeremy had come to visit her!

Oh, how Meredith wished that she could take a bath and do her makeup, but the detention center made having a good night’s rest difficult.

Despite not liking how she looked without makeup, Meredith liked to think that she was rather gorgeous herself. Plus, with the trump card she had up her sleeve, Meredith was at ease.

Meredith’s steps were light and easy. She even remembered to check her hair right as she arrived at the conjugal room.

Meredith felt her feet freeze as her eyes fell on the aloof expression of the man sitting not too far away when the doors opened.

She withdrew her smile and slowly made her way over. She could swear that the temperature around her dropped a degree with every step she took.

Meredith calmed her heart with everything she had and sat down in front of Jeremy.

Squeezing tears out of her eyes, she opened her mouth to sob. “You finally came to see me, Jeremy. I miss you so much. It’s horrible here. I think someone even hit me last night. They said that Vera is the one who told them to hit me. Jeremy, I’m terrified…”

Meredith sobbed. “Vera framed me, Jeremy, really. She even bribed my foster parents to testify against me. This woman isn’t easy, Jeremy. Don’t let her trick you!”

“Trick me?’

Jeremy’s frigid baritone barked out the moment her words fell.

Meredith shivered while staring into Jeremy’s deep peach-blossom eyes.

The man was in a black button-up that was layered underneath a windbreaker. Frosty abstinence oozed off him in waves, chilling whatever it touched.

“Everything I’ve told you is true, Jeremy. Don’t you believe me anymore? Did you forget the promise you made to me by the sea? You said you’d protect me, love me, and even marry—”


Jeremy gave a cold snort.

Meredith shivered again in fear, losing the courage to continue her lie.

She stared frantically at the man before her, his emotions not something she could grasp. “What’s wrong, Jeremy? What—”

Interrupting Meredith’s question, Jeremy stood suddenly, his tall and lean figure casting a shadow that covered the glisten of fake tears in Meredith’s eyes. He reached out to grab Meredith by her collar, pulling her harshly toward himself.

Those sinister eyes of his drilled into Meredith. “You were never the girl I met by the sea in April Hill to begin with!”