Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 383

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 383 – When Meredith heard that Madeline had more evidence, Meredith started to panic.

“Your Honor, don’t trust this woman. She’s trying to frame me! I’m being falsely accused by her!” Meredith pointed at Madeline and shrieked emotionally. “I’m really innocent, Your Honor!”

“Defendant, please calm down. If you continue to make noise, the court will charge you with contempt of court,” the judge said seriously.

“…” When she heard this, Meredith shut her mouth quickly.

However, she was nervous. She did not know what Madeline’s solid evidence was.

At this moment, the police brought Jon and Rose inside.

Meredith looked at Jon and Rose anxiously. She knew something was not right.

Just as she expected, Jon and Rose were testifying against her in court!

“Your Honor, my adopted daughter, Meredith Crawford, was indeed the person who planned this. She was discussing this with us at our home,” Rose said. She did not dare to look Meredith in the eyes.

Jon made a full confession at one side as well. “We wanted to stop Meredith, but she did not want to listen. She said Vera Quinn stole her man and she had to teach her a lesson. She bribed some thugs to kidnap her son so that she could blame it all on Vera Quinn. Then, she decided to k**l Vera Quinn and end things once and for all in a blind fit of rage.”


Meredith widened her eyes in shock. She almost started vomiting blood from anger.

“You two…” Her chest was heaving violently. “You two are crazy! How can you say something like that?”

Rose and Jon looked at her nonchalantly. “Mer, now that it has come to this, we can’t wrongly accuse the innocent anymore. Vera is truly innocent.”

“…” Meredith was so angry that her entire body was shaking.

Although she had indeed planned to get rid of Jackson and Madeline, this idea was given to her by Rose.

Now, there were witnesses and evidence present. Meredith did not have any more comebacks. Even if her lawyer was glib-tongued, he would not be able to turn the circumstances around at this stage.

Plus, Meredith was indeed guilty.

The judge quickly came up with a verdict—12 years of p****n time.

Meredith started wailing emotionally. “I’ve been wrongfully accused! I want to appeal! I will definitely appeal!”

Of course, she could not accept the charges. She could not even stay one day there, let alone 12 years!

What would she have to compete against Madeline after 12 years?

Madeline smirked as she watched Meredith get brought away by the marshals. The joy in her eyes showed how pleased she was to be able to finally vent her anger.

‘12, Meredith. You deserve this.

‘Do you think 12 years is enough?

‘I will make you pay for what you did to my grandpa and my baby soon!’

After the dismissal of court, everyone had left including Sean who left unbeknownst to anyone. Jeremy was the only one sitting there.

He was looking down, his eyebrows tightly knitted together.

Madeline walked in front of him. “Are you feeling sorry for Meredith? Are you blaming me for being too merciless?”

“She deserves this,” Jeremy said softly.

“Then why do you look so down?”

Jeremy smiled superficially after hearing that. Sarcasm escaped from his lips as he said, “If she’s guilty, then I’m equally guilty.”

Madeline lifted her gaze. “Is the reason why you think you’re guilty because you didn’t take care of Meredith well enough and that’s why she ended up like this today?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s cold face profoundly. “I did neglect one person. However, that person isn’t Meredith,” he said and stood up. He then held Madeline’s hand. “Let’s go.”

Madeline was making guesses at what he was saying after he gave her such a vague answer.

Maybe the person he was talking about was the woman who was sleeping forever in the grave.

However, who was that woman?

On the other side, after Sean left the court, he went straight to the hospital.