Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 372

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 372 – She curled the corners of her lips and smiled. “I’m sorry for causing a bad shopping experience. As compensation, I’ll be giving a 20% discount on all jewelry in the shop.”

The customers who were here were elated. Naturally, they would be fonder of Madeline.

Madeline smiled and settled things with her customers. Then, she grabbed her bag to go to the parking lot.

She drove all the way to the place that she was most familiar with.

She waited for ten minutes before seeing Rose and Jon walking over while cursing under their breaths.

Madeline smirked and sped toward Jon and Rose.

When Jon and Rose heard the sound of the car, they lifted their heads. Then, they saw a white car speeding toward them.

The car was going very fast and was getting closer and closer to them.

Jon and Rose felt their souls leaving their bodies. They did not care about anything else and just wanted to get out of there.

However, it was too late. The car was about half a meter away from them and would c***h into them in the next second.

“Ah!” Rose screamed in fear and fell to the ground.

At the next second, with a sharp screech, the white car stopped in front of them.

Rose and Jon gasped for air and were still in a panicked state. When they saw the car door opening, Rose decided to blackmail the driver for some money. She started yelling at them.

“Is that how you drive? Don’t drive if you don’t know how to! Could you afford it if you had run into me? Do you know who I am? Do you know who my son-in-law is?”

“I only did that because I know who you are.” Madeline’s calm voice went into Rose and Jon’s ears.

The two of them looked at her in shock.


Madeline closed the door carefreely and strode in front of Jon and Rose overbearingly.

“You made a fuss in my shop and ruined my reputation. Do you think you can just get away like that?”

Rose’s pupils constricted. She dragged her heavy body and stood up challengingly.

“Vera Quinn, what do you want? Let me tell you, this is our territory!” Jon glared and threatened.

“You’re still trying to talk to me in that tone? Do you want to accompany your precious daughter in p****n or do you want your daughter to stay in there longer?”

When Jon and Rose heard that, they shut their mouths.

Rose shifted her gaze, then suddenly, she said flatteringly with a grin, “Miss Quinn, you’re kind and benevolent, so don’t quibble over this with an uncultured common person like me. Yes, it was my fault. I’m inhuman for targeting you this entire time. I hope you can be lenient and let me off the hook.”

She even fake-slapped herself a few times.

“Miss Quinn, if you don’t mind, my house is right in front. We can sit down and talk if there’s anything that needs to be discussed. What do you think?”

Madeline nodded in satisfaction. “That’s more like it.”

Rose led the way and gave Jon a look.

Madeline opened her messaging app to look at it before following them.

The house was still the same as before. However, the renovation was different.

It was evident that Meredith had received a lot of benefits from the Montgomeries.

Madeline sat in the living room while Jon and Rose went into the kitchen. They said they were going to make her tea.

However, when they went inside the kitchen, Rose’s hypocritical smile disappeared. There was a sinister glint in her eyes as she dropped some pesticide into the tea.

“Hmph, who asked her to be so arrogant? I want her to never have the chance to speak again!”

She stirred the tea with a teaspoon and smiled hypocritically. Then, she handed the tea to Madeline respectfully. “Miss Quinn, this is made from our own tea leaves, so its taste is pretty unique. Please have a taste.”

Madeline took the cup with a smile. After taking a sniff, she said, “It indeed smells very unique. I have to taste this properly, then.”

She said and lifted the cup. Then, she moved it closer to her lips.