Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 371

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 371 – After Rose and Jon were taken aback by Madeline’s sharp gaze, they scoffed.

“Vera, what else do you have to say?” Do you think everyone here is an i***t and will be fooled by just a few words from you?”

After Madeline heard that, she smiled. “Since everyone isn’t an i***t, do you think you can pin those crimes on me based on your one-sided statement?”

Rose was stunned. Suddenly, she felt as if what she said had come back to bite her in the bottom.

“Vera, you…”

“Shut up!” Madeline interrupted coldly.

Rose trembled. When she met Madeline’s frigid glare, she could not help but feel fearful.

“You keep saying that you want to seek justice for your precious daughter Meredith, but just ask yourself, does Meredith even have the right to talk about justice?”


“You keep saying that I framed and harmed Meredith, even causing her to get tarnished by a group of thugs. Do you have proof? You don’t, but I do!”

“…” Rose’s face was flushed white. She then averted her gaze due to a guilty conscience.

The two of them knew the truth clearly. The people at Old Master Whitman’s birthday party also knew about this.

“Do you want me to play that hideous video of you kneeling in front of me while begging me not to call the police for everyone to see?”

When Rose heard this, her face turned from red to green. She felt extremely embarrassed.

Madeline scoffed. “You and Meredith worked together to get someone to kidnap me. In the end, Meredith refused to pay them so they were infuriated. She suffered the consequences of her own actions while you were an accomplice. So where did you get the audacity to stand here and twist the truth to slander me? Do you believe that I’ll call the police right now to get to the bottom of that incident?”


The corner of Rose’s lips twitched. Her expression changed and she started feeling anxious.

Madeline continued in a laid-back manner, “The reason Meredith was brought away by the police is that there’s sufficient evidence proving that she attempted m****r. She’s in the detention center now because she brought this upon herself. The law will punish a woman who’s capable of harming her own child.”

She then looked at Rose with a grin. Rose was on the brink of an emotional breakdown.

“I don’t think you’re here to avenge Meredith. You’re here to solidify her crimes. No wonder Meredith ended up this way. It’s all because of you evil dimwits.”

“B-Bullsh*t!” Rose was starting to not make sense. Her fingers were pointed at Madeline shakily. “Don’t be fooled by this homewrecker. Mer was falsely accused! This homewrecker is the true culprit!”

“Jeremy has already announced his relationship with Meredith. They aren’t dating or married, so if that’s the case, my relationship with Jeremy is right and proper. It’s none of anyone’s business,” Madeline smiled and said in a composed manner.

“On the other hand, I heard that your daughter Meredith stuck her foot in her sister Madeline and Jeremy’s marriage. I’m afraid she’s the real homewrecker that you keep yammering about.”

“Y-You…” Rose was speechless. She could not form any words right now.

Suddenly, she regretted everything. Back then, Meredith told her she was not Vera’s opponent and she did not believe her. She insisted on coming out and going against Vera head-on. Now, she had shot herself in her own foot.

“D**n it! What a stupid and vile old woman. Does she really think we’re all idiots who can’t see the truth?”

“I’ve hated Meredith for a very long time. The things on her Twitter are so hypocritical and vain. She’s so pretentious! Thank G*d my idol has nothing to do with her!”

“I was disgusted by her when she got between Madeline and Jeremy’s marriage. I don’t even know how this kind of person has a following.”

“She’s even Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery’s beloved daughter. What a waste! Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery did so many good things for charity and now their reputation is completely ruined by Meredith.”

When Rose heard the angry words from the crowd, she realized that these people were all criticizing her and not Vera.

She had completely embarrassed herself this time!

Rose’s face was red as she ran away after pushing away the crowd.

Jon was just a coward who depended on his wife. He would only bully the weak. When he saw this current situation, he quickly ran away as well.

After the two of them left, Madeline felt the air was fresher.