Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 362

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 362 – “I gave this to Vera,” Jackson said softly.

Jeremy looked at the little guy in front of him with a strange look on his face. “Did you put a chip in the bracelet?” he asked, but he did not get an answer.

Jackson stood up and looked at the lake. The peaceful surface of the lake was disrupted by the rain, and Jackson’s eyes were blank.

However, at this moment, Jeremy removed his coat and jumped into the lake without hesitation. He wanted to look for her…

Time passed and the sky was dark.

The rain had stopped and the search continued.

It was early fall, so the chilly night breeze attacked them both. When the breeze blew past their wet clothes, the coldness went straight into their bones.

It had been six hours since Vera fell, so Meredith knew she got this in the bag.

There were so many professional divers yet they still could not find Vera. She had to have met her d****e.

Meredith was elated. She wanted to leave, but when she saw Jeremy still standing there, she felt perturbed.

She wanted to tell him to go home, but she did not dare to get close to him when he was like this.

When she looked at his cold eyes, she could feel a bone-chilling coldness.

However, after thinking about it, she still made the first move timidly.

“Jeremy, you’ve been in the rain this whole time and you’re drenched. You should go back first. If not, you’ll get sick.” Her voice was soft as she expressed her concern.

Jeremy turned a deaf ear. There were no emotions on his handsome face.

Meredith put on an act of a saint. “Jeremy, please believe me. I didn’t push Vera. She wanted to frame me, so she’s now suffering the consequences of her own actions.”

After she finished saying that, she saw Jeremy glaring at her.

Meredith’s heart skipped a beat. She could not look into Jeremy’s eyes any longer.

That was the look he had when he was waiting outside the door after Madeline was rushed to the emergency room. Back then, his eyes were also horrifying. They were so dark that they looked like they would devour everything in their path. They looked so scary as if just his gaze alone would slice her into a million pieces.

“You best pray that she’s safe and sound.” His words were icy while his eyes were like sharp knives. “If anything happens to her, I’ll bury the person who harmed her next to her.”

He was not joking. At this moment, his heart felt as if it had plunged into a bottomless abyss, and that feeling was telling him just how much he cared about that missing woman.

“…” Meredith took in a sharp breath, her face turning white from fear. “Jeremy, it’s not me. I didn’t…” She sobbed shakily. “Jack, do you know you’re going to k**l me with what you said? How can you say that I was the one who pushed Vera? You’re just five and you’re already lying. What’ll happen to you when you grow older?”

Jackson looked at Meredith who was blaming him with an indifferent look on his face. “I didn’t lie.”

“Jack, you’re still spewing nonsense! What kind of d**g did that Vera feed you? How can you side with her?” Eloise said in devastation, “Mer is your mother. Will you only be happy if you see your parents fighting?”

“Vera is a good person,” Jackson said slowly, “Mommy hates me, so she wanted to throw me away, but I escaped. I saw with my own two eyes that Mommy pushed Vera.”

After Jeremy heard this, he lifted his icy gaze. “You even wanted to throw this child away?”

“No! I didn’t!” Meredith shook her head and denied hurriedly.

“How is that possible?” Eloise denied. “Mer gave birth to Jack after carrying him for ten months. How could she do something like that? Jack, are you crazy? How can you slander your mother like this?”

Meredith cried aggrievedly. “Jack, why are you doing this to me? Why are you making up such lies to falsely accuse me?”

“The liar isn’t Jackson. It’s you, Meredith.”

In the night, a soft voice sounded all of a sudden.

Jeremy’s silent heart soared instantly. He lifted his eyebrows and saw a poised figure appearing in the quiet night.

“Vera!” he called out. His voice sounded like he had found something he lost.

Her beautiful face was reflected in his dark black eyes while his heart slowly found its initial rhythm.

Meredith lifted her frozen face in disbelief. Her legs almost gave out when she saw the owner of the voice getting closer and closer.

What shocked her the most was the person Vera was holding captive. When Meredith saw that person, she felt as if she was done for.