Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 350

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 350 – She could not reciprocate Felipe’s feelings even though he was such a nice gentleman. After seeking her revenge, the only thing she could give him was mutual respect and a promise to accompany him.

The next morning, Felipe received a phone call and went out.

After Madeline bathed Lillian, the doorbell rang.

To her surprise, she saw Jeremy standing at the door looking travel-worn when she opened the door.

When he saw the look of surprise on her face, Jeremy walked in front of her. His eyes were solemn when he suddenly reached out his hand to pull her into his arms.

Madeline was shocked. “Jeremy?”

“I miss you so much.”

He answered her and held her even tighter. It was as if she would disappear from his world forever if he let go.

He would not allow her to disappear.

There was a sarcastic smile on Madeline’s face.

‘Jeremy, we literally have the same face. Back then, you would look at it in disdain, but now, you’re missing it so much?


‘How preposterous.

‘How would I forget how you left me so many scars on my body with no mercy?’

Madeline held Jeremy while she faked being touched. “Jeremy, I miss you too…”

When he heard her response, he opened his twinkling eyes and tightened his grip on her.

She did not want to let Jeremy come in, but at this moment, Lillian walked in.

When she saw Jeremy, she was delighted.

“Hello, nice mister. You’re Jackie’s daddy. I remember you!”

When Jeremy saw the tiny human in front of him, he felt a gush of warmth in his heart. He squatted and caressed Lillian’s cheek.

“I remember you too, little Miss Lillian.”

Madeline froze when she was pouring a glass of water.

He had investigated her.

That was why he knew Lillian’s name.

However, the fortunate thing was Felipe had made some changes to the DNA report. That was why Jeremy got rid of his suspicion toward her.

As she pondered, she saw Jeremy picking Lillian up.

He was a cold person and was unapproachable. However, there was a warm smile on his cold and resolute face at this moment.

On the other hand, Lillian had always resisted strangers. However, she was only so close to Jeremy.

Was it because they were connected by blood?

‘If it’s really because of blood relation, then why can’t my birth mother feel my presence?’

Madeline spaced out, and the hot water b****d her.

At the same time, Eloise’s finger was also cut by the metallic part of the jewelry when she was choosing accessories for Meredith in a shop. There was a thin b****y line on her finger.

The manager kept apologizing to her and took care of her wound for her.

After a while, Eloise left the shop with two jewelry boxes.

Eloise knew that Meredith was feeling down these few days. Her groom had left with another woman during her wedding ceremony.

She wanted to invite Meredith to come with her so that she would feel better. However, Meredith said she was not in the mood. As her mother, Eloise understood. As such, she came out alone to buy some jewelry to surprise her.

As long as her daughter was happy, she would not mind a wound on her finger.

However, when she was about to call the driver to drive her home, she saw Meredith and Rose walking to the elevator while holding hands.

She wanted to call out to Meredith, but it would look bad to yell in public, so she decided to call her instead.

The call went through, and she saw Meredith taking out her phone.

She thought Meredith would pick up the phone, but she saw her looking at the caller ID with disdain instead. Then, Meredith tossed her phone back into her bag and continued walking into the elevator with Rose. They were chatting happily in the process.

Eloise was stunned when she saw that. She could not even react as she was holding her phone.

However, she quickly found an excuse for Meredith. It was because she was not in the mood. It was because Meredith was raised by Rose, so that was why they were so close to each other.

Despite that, Eloise still felt uneasy. She saw the elevator stopping on the third floor. She followed them to the third floor as well. However, she eventually lost Meredith and Rose.

She looked for them in every shop. Finally, when she walked past a tattoo shop, she heard Rose’s voice.