Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 341

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 341 – “Uh-huh,” Madeline smirked. She ran her fingers over the sparkling rhinestones on her dress. “Jeremy has such a good eye. He even knows all of my measurements.”

“W-What did you say?”

“What? Don’t you know the human language?” Meredith smiled and sashayed forward. The staff hurried over to help her with her dress.

She looked like a queen when she gracefully walked forward until she was in front of Meredith. “Do you really think that this dress belongs to you?”

“…” Meredith was so angry that her eyes almost fell out of their sockets. “Vera Quinn, take this dress off right now. This is a present from Jeremy to me. I’m going to wear this on the day of my wedding. Who are you to wear my wedding dress?”

She glared at Madeline overbearingly. Then, she scoffed all of a sudden.

“Vera, why are you doing this? I know you like Jeremy, but he’s my fiancé. Plus, we’ll be married in two days, then we’ll be husband and wife. What you’re doing right now is exactly what a mistress would do, do you know that? You’re a failure as Miss L.ady’s founder and designer!”

Meredith deliberately increased the volume of her voice to let the staff hear her.

However, Madeline smiled calmly. “Speaking of mistresses, how can I compare to you, Miss Crawford?”

Meredith’s face fell when she heard that. When she was about to fight back, she heard Madeline say, “The entire Glendale knows that Jeremy divorced his ex-wife, Madeline, three years ago. However, you already have a two-year-old child with Jeremy. Isn’t this the solid evidence of you being a shameless mistress?”

After she finished saying that, Meredith’s face fell. Then, she saw the staff around her gossiping about her. She could not contain her emotions anymore.

“You! Vera, shut up! I want you to take that dress off right now! Immediately!”

Meredith changed the topic angrily and barked out her orders.

“You lot! Go and get that dress off of her now! You should know that Jeremy was the one who ordered this dress for me and this b*tch has no business wearing it!”

The staff looked at each other and frowned in awkwardness.

“Miss Crawford, actually, this dress…”

“You useless good-for-nothings! I’m asking you to do something and you’re being so finicky. If you’re not going to do it, then I will!”

Meredith reached out her hand in anger, wanting to rip the dress away from Madeline’s body.

However, the moment she reached out her hand, Madeline grabbed her wrist.

Meredith was taken aback. Then, her eyes met Madeline’s arrogant eyes. She was grinning!

“Meredith Crawford, be careful with your words. If you dare to call me names again, I won’t go easy on you.” Madeline warned before pushing Meredith’s wrist away forcefully.

Meredith stumbled backward and widened her eyes in anger. “Vera Quinn, you…”

“If I remember correctly, you intentionally called me yesterday to tell me that Jeremy will come to the fitting with you. You even said that he ordered a wedding dress that cost seven digits for you.”

Madeline interrupted with a smile, quirking her brows in arrogance.

“However, I’ve been here for so long. Not only have I yet to see Jeremy here with you, but there’s no dress that belongs to you here either. You keep saying that I’m not worthy, but I think you’re the one who’s not worthy of this, Meredith Crawford.”


Meredith was speechless after what Madeline said. Her face was green and she wanted to a****k Madeline.

However, at this moment, Meredith felt a cold breeze coming from one side.


Jeremy’s icy voice was like the cold air in a hot summer—it came crashing down all of a sudden. Meredith retracted her hand and was beyond shocked.

After recomposing herself, Meredith put on a weak and sad mask before turning around.

When she turned around, she saw Jeremy in an English-style tuxedo.

His elegant and self-restraining aura was emitting from every pore on his body. His flawless face was even more handsome now.

Meredith finally came back to her senses after a few seconds of staring.

“Jeremy, you’re here!” Meredith exclaimed happily while smiling victoriously. “I knew you’d come. How could you let me try on the wedding dresses myself?”

As she said that, she looked at Meredith provokingly.

“Miss Quinn, do you see this? Jeremy’s here to accompany me to try on my wedding gown! Can you take off the wedding dress that doesn’t belong to you now? I can stop pursuing this matter for Jeremy’s sake.”