Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 329

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 329 – Madeline’s heartbeat became erratic all of a sudden, but she calmly put on an expression of surprise and confusion. She looked up to meet Jeremy’s black eyes.

“What? You’re saying your ex-wife isn’t d**d?”

She pinched her eyebrows together before laughing.

“You’re not suspecting that I’m your ex-wife Madeline again, are you?”

When her voice fell, Jeremy also laughed. A gust of autumn wind blew, faintly blowing at the mysterious color that was surging in his eyes. He looked at Madeline and said profoundly, “Some people are alive, and she’s d**d. But some people are d**d, and she’s still alive.”

After listening to these words in silence, Madeline curled her lips.

“Are you trying to tell me that your ex-wife lives in your heart?”

Not only did she laugh, but her laughter was full of irony.

“Everyone knows that Madeline is the woman you hate most.”

“Everyone knows?” Jeremy chewed on these words as the irony in his faint smile became stronger than that of Madeline’s.

Yes, everyone knew. Everyone knew that Madeline had been madly in love with him.

However, nobody knew that he had also loved her.

Even he himself knew it too late.

It was also too late for him to say “I love you” back to her.

At Madeline’s request, Jeremy sent her back to her apartment.

Not long after, Madeline saw that someone had broken the news about what happened during Old Master Whitman’s 80th birthday on the internet.

Many netizens went to Meredith’s Twitter to curse her.

The more powerful netizens dug out all of Meredith’s dark history, including photos from when she was a student in college and high school. Even her elementary school photos had been dug up.

Even though Meredith had immediately spent money to deal with these dark histories after she knew of it, parts of the content still got screenshotted.

Whitman Corporation.

Jeremy received a push notification right after a morning meeting.

He seldom paid attention to these boring entertainment gossips, but seeing that the title had mentioned Vera and Meredith, he clicked into it and took a look.

He saw the photos of Meredith when she was a student, one of which was taken with him.

However, other than the photos with him, there were also a few photos of Meredith with other men. Two of which were intimate photos of her and Tanner Long.

In the photos, Meredith and Tanner were very close. There was even one of Meredith kissing Tanner’s cheek.

Jeremy was stunned when he saw that photo.

A burst of physical disgust that was accompanied by shock arose.

His finger quivered as his thoughts were suddenly pulled to a faraway place…

It was raining heavily that day. She was sitting in his car, telling him that Meredith had actually dated Tanner and that Meredith had a baby with him.

She also said that Meredith was not carrying his child at all and that her m*********e was just an act plotted by herself.

Yet, at that time, he had strangled her neck and warned her not to slander Meredith again.

He still remembered that at the time, she did not even struggle at all but merely smiled with tears in her eyes before saying to him, “Jeremy Whitman, if I told half a lie, then I might as well d*e.”

He cursed her mercilessly in response, saying, “Then go and d*e.”

In the end, he chased her out of the car and drove away, leaving her in the heavy rain, letting the wind blow and the rain fall…

After that, she really died.

He regretted it.

Jeremy opened his sore, red eyes, which were now on the brink of tears.

The heavy rain from that day seemed to be falling in his heart at this moment, d******g his heartbeat.

He laughed at himself and felt that both Madeline and Ava were right. He was deaf and blind.