Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 326

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 326 – “Old Master Whitman, I know you have a deep misunderstanding toward me, but…”

“There’s no need to explain anything to me. You know very well what you’ve done.”

“…” Meredith was speechless.

Just then, Rose knelt down in front of Old Master Whitman with a plop. “Old Master Whitman, I did it all on my own. Meredith didn’t know about it at all. When she knew, she deliberately ran over to stop me. That’s why Meredith got into the accident. It was me. I was the one who caused Meredith trouble.”

She blamed herself whilst in tears.

“Old Master Whitman, if you want someone to blame, blame me. It doesn’t matter even if you send me to the police station, but Meredith is a good girl. I really don’t want Jeremy to misunderstand her. She has already suffered so much. Jeremy shouldn’t break her heart this time.”

“In fact, all of these mistakes are Vera Quinn’s fault!” Eloise pushed all the blame onto Madeline.

However, as soon as her voice fell, two intimate figures appeared by the stairs. Madeline’s sweet voice sounded leisurely.

“Mrs. Montgomery, you’re really a good mother. The facts and evidence have all been displayed clearly in front of you, yet you still want to deceive yourself and defend your good daughter who’s two-faced.”

Eloise’s expression changed upon hearing this. Looking up to see Madeline walking beside Jeremy with a bright smile, she was angrier.

“Vera Quinn, if it isn’t for you, a third party who’s trying to steal Meredith’s fiancé, why would her foster mother hire people to kidnap you? It’s all because of you that Meredith had the accident. You really are despicable!”

“Despicable?” Madeline chuckled and walked toward Eloise. “On the contrary, I think Mrs. Montgomery is very pitiful.”

“What… What did you say? I’m pitiful?” Eloise’s eyes widened while her face, contorted by anger, no longer looked noble.

“Vera, whatever you want to do, do it to me. Don’t hurt my mom.” Meredith hurriedly went up to protect Eloise, putting on a good show to match her good daughter persona.

She quickly turned her weak gaze to Jeremy.

“Jeremy, I know you’ll never believe me no matter how I explain it, so just assume that it’s me. Please don’t blame my mom. She did it for me too.”

Meredith begged for mercy on behalf of Rose while Rose slapped herself twice, seemingly regretful. “Meredith, I’ve caused you trouble. Jeremy, you have to believe in Meredith. She has been kind-hearted since she was a child and has never done anything immoral. She—”

“Shut up.” Jeremy interrupted out of annoyance. He lifted his handsome but unfeeling face to look at Meredith. “I’ve told you not to mention this matter again. It’s your own fault that it escalated to this now. You don’t need to beg me. If you want to beg, then beg Vera. Whether or not we’re looking into it all depends on her.”

Hearing this, Meredith’s expression froze and her eyes were almost overflowing with unwillingness.

Rose was suddenly taken aback. What? She was extremely reluctant to go as far as begging Vera!

However, if she did not beg, she might really have to go to j**l!

She did not want to go to j**l!

At this moment, Meredith suddenly walked toward Madeline and knelt down in front of her.



Eloise and Rose spoke in unison and hurriedly went to help Meredith up, but Meredith pushed them away firmly.

Meredith’s action had also surprised Jeremy.

She actually knelt.

“Miss Crawford, what are you doing?” Madeline pretended to be puzzled whilst saying, “Are you begging me?”

Meredith lifted her face, showing her tear-smudged makeup. Her eyes were firm when she said, “Yes, I’m begging you. Miss Quinn, I beg you not to pursue this matter. Please spare my foster mother. She only did it for me. If you want to vent your anger and pursue this matter, just come at me. I’m willing to shoulder everything by myself!”

“Gee.” Madeline sighed emotionally. “Miss Crawford, you really are filial. Your foster mother has led you to be humiliated by several men, yet at this moment, you’re still willing to kneel down and beg me on her behalf. I’m really touched.”

When Meredith heard this, happiness suddenly appeared on her face. Presumably, these people should also think that she was a loving and filial daughter.

She suddenly felt so smart. Not only would Rose not go to j**l, but she had also sold a good persona.

“Then, does it mean you won’t pursue it anymore, Miss Quinn?” Meredith could not wait to ask.

Madeline nodded with a deep smile. “Since you’re so righteous, Miss Crawford, then I’ll help you. I won’t pursue your foster mother. You’ll shoulder this matter by yourself!”