Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 318

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 318 – On the other side, Meredith had hired people to keep an eye on Jeremy’s villa all night. Knowing that Madeline had been in Jeremy’s bedroom all night, the more she thought about it, the angrier she got!

She had gotten rid of Madeline completely after all the trouble three years ago, but who knew there would be a woman who looked so much like Madeline.

The main thing was that this woman was not as easy to deal with as Madeline.

Meredith stood in front of her mirror. Looking at the unhealed scar on her face, she became more upset.

She had almost used up all the methods available, yet Jeremy was instead becoming colder toward her. She also knew that only by continuing to play the role of ‘Little Linnie’ would it be possible to snatch Jeremy back.

Firstly, she needed to treat the wound on her face.

Madeline was thinking when she suddenly felt a little itch on the back of her left waist. She scratched it a little but realized it was getting itchier, so she took a look in the mirror and found a red patch.

In order to pretend to be Madeline and become the daughter of the Montgomeries in the first place, she had not forgotten to tattoo a fake, butterfly-shaped birthmark on this part of her body.

However, as she had been too impatient back then, she randomly searched for a tattoo shop. Who knew that after only three years, not only had the color faded, but she was also suffering from itchiness due to her allergy.

Meredith desperately scratched it in distraught when she suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

“Meredith, are you in the bathroom?” Eloise’s voice was approaching.

Meredith put down her dress hurriedly and came out of the bathroom casually.

“Mom,” she called out obediently, but her mood showed dejection.

“Meredith.” Eloise patted her shoulder, feeling sorry for her. “Silly girl, don’t think about the unhappy things. Those aren’t your fault.”

Meredith bit her lip, feeling aggrieved. “That Vera Quinn got so many rascals to bully me but nothing is happening to her. I didn’t think Jeremy would not look into this matter just to protect her. The more I think about it, the more heartbroken I am.”

“I’ll definitely pursue this matter for you!” Eloise assured. “I think Jeremy might just be confused for the moment. Just now, the manager of D.W called me and said that Jeremy went to order an evening dress. The size of the dress is the size you usually wear!”

Meredith was a little surprised upon hearing it. “Jeremy ordered an evening dress for me?”

Eloise smiled cheerfully. “The 10th day of the coming month is Old Master Whitman’s 80th birthday. I think Jeremy ordered that dress for you to wear on the day. He wants you to be his companion to the birthday banquet.”

“Is it true?” Meredith said with surprise. All her worries and dissatisfaction from before were wiped out in an instant.

Eloise nodded affirmatively. “Of course, it’s true. You’ve also said it before that you’ve been together with him for so many years now and even given birth to a child for him. He’s just been throwing tantrums with you these days, but the person he actually loves most has always been you!”

Listening to these words, Meredith gradually regained her confidence. The more she realized it, the more reasonable she felt it to be.

“So, just be happy these days and take care of your injury first.”

Meredith nodded repeatedly with sparkly eyes.

She seemed to be seeing herself wearing the evening dress that Jeremy had personally ordered himself. She imagined walking beside him radiantly and enjoying everyone’s envious eyes.

She would never miss the great opportunity to announce her marriage to him when the time came!

Meredith’s mood improved a lot. After the scar on her face had scabbed off, she hurriedly went to the beauty salon for a laser treatment. After applying foundation, the scar was basically invisible.

The day before Old Master Whitman’s birthday, the service assistant at D.W reported to her that Jeremy had personally picked up the evening dress and it should be given to her today.

Meredith looked at the photo. No matter the design or tailoring, the evening dress had quite a lasting charm. She could not wait to wear it right away.

Meredith waited and waited till it was dark, but Jeremy never contacted her.

She really could not wait any longer, so she called Jeremy, but no one answered.

She went to the villa to look for Jeremy, but he was not there either.

Meredith was anxious and annoyed. She had hired people to obtain Jeremy’s whereabouts, but nothing could be found.

Early the next morning, Meredith put on heavy makeup with dark circles under her eyes and went to Whitman Manor with Eloise.

Many guests had already entered the yard one after another, talking and laughing with each other. The atmosphere was harmonious.

Meredith looked around, but she still did not see Jeremy.

Seeing Mrs. Whitman coming out, she immediately ran over to ask her. Mrs. Whitman saw her and was a little confused. “Jeremy called in the morning and said that he’d be bringing an important girl to meet his parents. I thought he was joking around and actually talking about you. But then, how could it be that he wasn’t talking about you? Then, who is Jeremy bringing?”

Mrs. Whitman was puzzled and so was Eloise.

Meredith’s expression changed instantly. She had a bad feeling all of a sudden.

As she was being apprehensive, there was movement at the gate. She looked up subconsciously, her eyes about to pop out the instant she saw the scene not far away. Her raging anger shot up to her throat!