Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 312

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 312 – Meredith’s eyes suddenly surged with strong k*****g intent. The look in her eyes was as if she wished she could slash Madeline with a thousand swords.

She grabbed the pair of scissors from the cabinet, pointed the sharp end toward Madeline, and rushed at Madeline murderously.

Meredith was full of anger and was trying her best to teach Madeline a b****y lesson.

However, Madeline was not afraid. She even tried to dodge.

She stretched out her hand calmly, seizing the opportunity to grasp Meredith’s hand that was waving the scissors around.

Meredith’s almond eyes widened. She raised her other hand to sneak an a****k on Madeline, but Madeline saw through it in a glance. While stopping Meredith, she unceremoniously raised her hand toward Meredith’s face and sent a loud slap.

With a slap, Meredith then exclaimed in pain.

The knife wound on her face had not even healed yet and she was also drenched in red wine. After getting slapped, a fiery pain b****d within her flesh.

“My face!” she exclaimed, suddenly raising her angry eyes.

She did not want to meet Meredith’s arrogant and cold eyes at this moment after raising her head. She could not help her trembling body.

“What’s wrong? Finally tasted the ache of having salt sprinkled on your wound?” Madeline chuckled.

“You… Vera Quinn, you’d better let go!” Meredith was angry, annoyed, and eager to break free. “Vera Quinn, you listen here. You’d better let go of me immediately. Otherwise… Otherwise, I’ll definitely make you regret this!”

“Regret?” Madeline quirked her lips as she smiled, but not only did she not let go, she even tightened her grip around Meredith’s wrist.

From those beautiful eyes suddenly burst forth sharp, piercing rays of light. “Meredith, you should listen to me clearly. I’m not the Madeline who would allow herself to be trampled on or taken advantage of.

“I already know about everything you did to Madeline. I may look the same as Madeline, but that doesn’t mean you can succeed with me through the same means!”

Madeline raised her beautiful eyes coldly and arrogantly. With a sharp tone, she said, “Meredith, look at how you are now. Whether it’s your appearance or your heart, everything about you is d***y and ugly. Do you think Jeremy would still want you like this?”

She sneered, her eyes full of ridicule.

“Let’s not talk about the throne of being the young lady of the Whitman family. You don’t even have the qualifications to enter the Whitmans’ gate!” Madeline sneered, shaking off Meredith’s wrist.

Meredith took two steps back in a daze. Her originally m*******s aura and anger were completely crushed by Madeline’s own aura.

She touched her stinging cheek while staring at Madeline. She gritted her teeth fiercely but could not refute with a single word.

Just then, from the entrance hall came the sound of the doorbell. Meredith raised her head abruptly to see that it was Jeremy. She immediately put away all her hostility, put on a mask of weakness from having been humiliated, and ran toward him crying.

Jeremy was puzzled when he saw Meredith running toward him.

She seemed to be well dressed but was somehow covered with red wine stains. Her hair was messy as well. She looked particularly embarrassed.

“Jeremy…” As soon as Meredith came over, she threw herself directly into Jeremy’s arms and hugged him tightly.

Jeremy’s eyebrows narrowed. He felt dissatisfied, and when he was about to push Meredith away, she started crying in his arms.

“Jeremy, why? I’m already like this, so why does Miss Quinn still want to trouble me? She had already set me up to be kidnapped from the hospital before, asking those men to insult and humiliate me! She said that I’m d***y and not worthy of you. She even tossed the dishes that I had made specially for you to the ground and made fun of me for not being worthy to cook for you. Moreover, she hit me. Huhuhu… Miss Quinn is terrifying, Jeremy…”

As soon as Meredith’s accusation sounded, Jeremy caught a figure in the light.

He raised his deep eyes and saw Madeline not far away, but his eyes were suddenly filled with worry. He pushed Meredith, who was holding him tightly, away and strode toward Madeline.

“Vera, what happened to you?”