Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 306

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 306 – Felipe turned around a few seconds later, concern tinting the gentleness on his chiseled features that were enhanced by the warm rays of the setting sun.

“I just want to ask you one last time, Vera. Are you sure that this is what you want? It wasn’t easy escaping the claws of a monster. Are you sure you want to be caged by him again?” His tone was warm like the winds of spring, but in his eyes held a fierce glint.

Madeline hesitated for a confused moment before a revengeful flare shone in her eyes.

“I can take the pain and humiliation they gave me, but I’ll never forgive the two of them for teaming up to destroy the ashes of my precious child. The d***h of my child is something I must avenge!”

Madeline balled her fists as hatred imprinted itself deeply onto her gentle features. There was a sharp and strong-willed look swimming in her eyes.

After being gifted with rebirth, taking revenge was the top goal that gave her the determination to continue living!

Felipe did not persuade further as he took in the determination in her eyes.

Instead, he raised her hands to place a gentlemanly and loving peck at the back of them.

“Promise me that you’ll take care of yourself no matter what. Should any problem arise, I want you to look for me.”

Madeline was stunned for a moment and the cold anger in her eyes slowly melted away under Felipe’s gentle warmth.

She broke into a smile, locking gazes with the glistening eyes in front of her.

“Thank you, Felipe. I promise I’ll come back to you after I take my revenge, then we’ll go back to F Country with Lillian where we’ll live simply and happily together.”

“Alright.” Felipe smiled faintly, pulling Madeline gently into his embrace.

With her warm figure held close, the corners of Felipe’s lips lifted vaguely. He was hiding a dark secret within.

Satisfied, Meredith began to live in Jeremy’s villa. Her attitude toward Jackson had undergone a complete 180 change to persuade Jeremy into marrying her. She would go to great lengths to pretend and fake how close and intimate their mother-son relationship was.

She would wake up early on weekdays to make breakfast for Jackson before sending him to school herself.

Jackson, however, did not like Meredith’s fake pleasantries. They only made him dislike her more.

Meredith would not stop searching for topics to engage Jackson in as they rode to the kindergarten while the latter remained silent the entire time.

Meredith spared the baby face a displeased glance.

Oh, how Meredith wished to strangle this bstard son of a btch.

She should have k****d him all those years ago. Now, he was the eyesore he was today.

Meredith rolled her eyes in distaste when she saw Jackson looking at the display on his phone. The boy tapped on an app that listed a bunch of figures that Meredith could not understand before the screen showed a small moving red dot in the end.

She found that the appearance of the red dot brought along a hint of a smile on Jackson’s expressionless face.

The car pulled to a stop just as Meredith wondered what it was all about.

Meredith looked out to realize they had already reached the kindergarten.

“We’re here, Jack. Come on, Mommy’s going to send you…” Meredith smiled before turning her head only to realize that Jackson had already alighted the car himself.

She glared at him, feeling pissed. When she followed after him, she realized that there stood Madeline by the kindergarten gates.

As surprised as she was to find that Jackson was walking toward Madeline, she was baffled to find that his reticent baby face was smiling widely because of that woman.

Meredith immediately ran over to pull Jackson back.

At that moment, a car began to speed uncontrollably toward the kindergarten gates.

Someone shouted and Madeline turned to look in that direction. The first thing she saw was Jackson’s crescent-eyed smile that warmed her heart. Madeline was about to greet him when she realized the uncontrolled car was currently making its way to where Jackson was.

“Ah!” Meredith exclaimed. Her first reaction was to throw Jackson away and turn back to hide.

The car was about to hit Jackson. Madeline felt her heart drop as she ran instinctively to the boy. “Jack!”