Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 298

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 298 – Staring into Jeremy’s deep and complex eyes, Madeline pulled her arm back before alighting the car decisively.

Her lips were tugged upward in a carefree manner when she sensed Jeremy’s eyes following her out.

‘Have you finally seen Meredith’s true and ugly nature now, Jeremy?

‘Alas, it’s too late now.

‘So late that the wounds I bear may never properly heal. You may wish to use the person I am now to comfort the guilt in your heart, so allow me to push you to your d****e.’

Jeremy turned his car around after he watched Madeline’s retreating figure slowly vanish from sight.

He bought a bouquet of 88 roses and made his way to the cemetery.

There was so much he wanted to say, but now that he was standing in front of Madeline’s tombstone, he swallowed them all back.

After a long while, he only muttered, “Perhaps I‘ll bring her to meet you should the opportunity arrive. I’m sure you’ll be surprised to find that there’s someone who looks just like you on earth.”

His gaze was meaningful as he stared at the name on the stone. The warm rays of the autumn sun enveloped him, yet it could never chase away the shadows over one specific corner of his heart.

After returning, Jeremy was determined to find out the truth behind Vera’s kidnapping.

The four thugs held nothing back and they all admitted that Meredith was the true culprit behind the incident.

They also admitted that they each had their fun with Meredith. The four of them stated that Meredith had volunteered.

Another strong physical sense of disgust and nausea rose when Jeremy heard the confession.

She had volunteered?

He found it difficult to believe or accept the results of his investigation.

Meredith had been the first girl he fell for and the only one he kept deep within his heart as if she was a secret.

Now that truth after truth was exposed about how horrible Meredith was, Jeremy was flabbergasted and found it impossible to believe her any longer.

Was this still the Linnie he had met on the beach all those years ago?

She had changed too much.

Jeremy received another call from Mrs. Whitman, telling him to visit Meredith.

She hung up before he could even reply.

While he had technically investigated the case, there was still something left untouched.

Who was the one who sent him the address? That person had pinpointed Vera’s location so exactly and told Jeremy to go save her.

When he followed that trail, he came up empty-handed.

Jeremy returned to the villa only to be met with his and Madeline’s wedding photo that was supposed to be hung above his bed but had now been thrown haphazardly by the entrance. An angry storm immediately brewed within him, darkening his attractive features.

He took large steps up the stairs to the bedroom.

He had never allowed anyone to enter the room ever since Madeline’s d***h. Even the cleaning of it was done personally by him.

Yet at that moment, not only was the room door open, but even laughter and sounds of chit-chatting could be heard from inside.

His fury grew with every step he took since he saw the sight at the entrance. Upon entering the bedroom, he was met with the sight of Meredith lying on his and Madeline’s bed. The last piece of clean space he had left for Madeline was now completely tarnished.

“You’re back, Jeremy.” Meredith smiled gently at him.

Suppressing the anger that was already bubbling over, Jeremy parted his thin lips. “Who let you in here?”

Every word of his was ice cold and Meredith felt her heart jump at each of them. Frantic, she spared a glance at the bathroom. “Jeremy, I—”

“Me! I was the one who let Meredith in. You don’t like it? Then come at me instead!”