Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 288

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 288 – Right at that moment, an anonymous text appeared on his phone. ‘West Waste Paper Factory. She’s there. Save her.’

Jeremy’s eyes shone. He immediately tried to call the number, but it could not connect.

With no time to worry or suspect, Jeremy turned the car around and sped toward the location on the text.

Night fell and Madeline was forced to stay in the same place.

The dark room’s lights brightened and she could see Meredith still waiting in the same spot.

Soon after, the men returned empty-handed.

Of course, they had never stopped to think that Madeline was still inside the room and that the cloth was merely a ploy to divert their attention.

The play was a success.

“Useless! All of you!” Meredith was infuriated, pointing at the men as she scolded. Then, she left, only to be stopped by the leader who had a scar on his face.

“Sure, she ran off, but we also did work for you today. Pay up.”

Meredith scoffed and crossed her arms in all her spoiled rich girl fashion. “You lost the woman and you still want me to pay you? Be grateful that I haven’t taken your life! You useless piece of trash!”

She spared them a belittling eye-roll. No more than two steps later, she was held back by two men.

Furious, Meredith turned around to go on a rampage but was instead gifted with a heavy slap across the side of her face. The man with a scar held her by both her cheeks and glared Meredith’s arrogance away.

“What do you think you’re doing? Let go of me! Do you have any idea who I am? I—”

“Shut up, you b*tch! I don’t care who you are. We just want the money!” The man with a scar gifted Madeline another slap.

Meredith screamed in pain. “Not the face! Anywhere but the face!” she yelled. The wound on her face had yet to be healed and was still wrapped in bandages. One could only imagine how much a slap across her face would hurt.

Such pain was still fresh in Madeline’s mind.

“You just want money, right? I have money! I’ll give it to you! Just let go of me first.” Meredith struggled against their hold, her tone turning into a frantic one.

The scarred man replied with a wretched smile. “Too late!”

“Wh-What do you want?” Meredith was starting to feel afraid.

“What do we want?” The man with a scar pinched Meredith by the chin. “We took the job thinking we’d get to touch and be paid. Instead, what we get is you being difficult and the person running away. So tell me, shouldn’t you repay us somehow?”

The words placed Meredith in a few seconds of stunned stupor before she ultimately gave an arrogant smile. “You want me to spend the night with you? Hah! Have you seen yourself? What makes you think trash like you would have the right to s********h me? Have you any idea who my fiancé is? He’s Glendale’s—”

Rip! The men began to tear Meredith’s clothing before she could even finish speaking. “You b*tch! I’d play along if I were you. I’ll make you pay the price if you continue being difficult!”


Meredith shrieked as they dragged her to the floor.

Raising a fist, Madeline was about to step forward with the mind to stop them. However, she hesitated when she remembered the things Meredith had done to her.

She would have been the one in Meredith’s place instead had she not thought of a plan to save herself.

Meredith had this coming for her, did she not?

Perhaps this was karma.

“What a sl*t. You say you don’t want it, but you sure don’t act like it,” the scarred man spoke wretchedly.

Madeline had indeed heard Meredith fighting back, but her tone changed somewhere in the middle into something more akin to pleasure.

Madeline found herself feeling sick in the face of Meredith’s enjoyment.

Not that she was surprised. Meredith had always been a philanderous one. Her private life was a complete mess when she was a student.

Madeline could not help but laugh at the thought that Jeremy had been loving such a woman all these years.

‘Look, Jeremy Whitman. This is your goddess of purity.

‘What a blind man you are.’

Madeline could not help but raise her arms over her ears in disgust when she heard Meredith m**n. When her hands were hovering over her ears, Madeline was shocked to find a rat dash by her feet.

Startled, Madeline instinctively moved out of the way only to fall onto the ground as her legs cramped up due to squatting for a long period of time. The cardboard boxes beside her fell with.

All lewd sounds came to a halt at the same time as several pairs of eyes stared into the small room.

“Did I hear something?”

“F*ck! Has that chick been inside all along? She didn’t run off at all!”

“Now we’re playing! Two of you, go in and search!”