Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 283

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 283 – Daniel had found out where Madeline was staying. When he got there to see how she was doing, he did not expect to see this scene in front of him.


His heart started racing. He ignored everything and slammed on the accelerator to follow the car that had brought Madeline away.

However, the car was driving too fast and was even running red lights without a care. Daniel did not want to lose the car, so he ignored the red lights as well. However, at this moment, there were two students in uniform crossing the road. Daniel slammed the brakes immediately.

He managed to prevent an accident from happening, but he also lost the car.

He thought about what Madeline would have to face later and immediately called the police. Then, he pulled some strings and got the camera footage.

He had lost her once before three years ago. This time, he would not allow anything to happen to her again.

‘Maddie, you’ll be okay.

‘I’ll definitely get you back safely this time.’


There were steel plates on Meredith’s legs and they were wrapped with a heavy layer of gauze. However, she could walk out of the toilet as if nothing had happened to her.

Rose scanned the area around the ward before closing the door. “Mer, those people called me just now. They said they did everything according to your commands,” she said with a lowered voice. There was an obvious evil grin on her face.

Meredith scoffed arrogantly before leaning against the bed lazily. “I thought she was all that, but look, she has still fallen into my hands. I can do anything I want to her.”

“Of course. How can that woman compare to my sweetheart?” Rose looked pleased with herself. She looked outside of the room cautiously again. She was afraid someone would come in at this moment. “Mer, what are you planning to do next?”

Meredith smirked sinisterly. She lifted her eyebrow and said, “What do you think is the worst punishment for a woman?”

“Of course, it’s…” Rose stopped in the middle of her sentence as an equally sinister smile appeared on her face. “Yes, you should do that! Let those men torture her to d***h! Who told her to cross you?”

“Hmph! Not only do I want her to be humiliated, but I also want her to kneel in front of me and beg for my mercy.” Meredith clenched her fists. “I would’ve married Jeremy by now if it isn’t for that b*tch! Since she wants to go against me so badly, then I’ll just give her a push.”

“She deserves this!” Rose rolled her eyes and frowned all of a sudden. “Mer, say, why is that woman so insistent on going against you? Do you think she’s actually that b*tch Madeline? Do you think she’s not d**d and she’s back for revenge?”

“Hmph, how is that possible?” Meredith scoffed and denied. “If that dimwit Madeline is as brainy as Vera, she wouldn’t have died so soon. However, there’s no difference either way. They will both have the same ending.”

Rose listened with a pleased grin on her face. Then, it became a greedy smirk. “Don’t forget to get a few tens of millions from them so that we can split it between us. That woman should have some money.”

She reminded her before looking at the outside of the room once more.

At this moment, she saw a tall figure walking toward them from the window. She changed her expression. “Jeremy is here,” Rose said. Meredith immediately wiped that sinister grin off her face. She lay on the bed as if she no longer had any hope in life and started to tear up.

Rose sat back down next to the bed and forced tears into her eyes. “Mer, don’t be like this. Jeremy won’t abandon you no matter what happens to you. Don’t do stupid things, Mer…”

Before Jeremy could reach the door, he heard Rose’s loud wails.

He frowned and pushed the door to go in.

“Mer, Mer…” Rose bawled pretentiously. When she saw Jeremy, she got up and ran up to him. Her face was filled with pain and despair as she said, “Jeremy, you’re finally here to visit Mer. Hurry up and comfort her. Her face is ruined and now even her legs are crippled. I don’t know how to comfort her anymore…”