Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 276

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 276 – Madeline came alone to the hospital where Meredith was staying in. There was a huge crowd gathering at the hospital. Everyone was looking at the highest floor of the building.

When she saw this, Madeline looked up as well. She could see a white figure sitting at the railing. Judging from the person’s face, it was indeed Meredith.

She immediately took the lift to the roof. She thought Jeremy would be there already, but there was no one else there. Jeremy was nowhere to be seen.

However, he had looked worried just now. Was he not worried about Meredith?

Why else did he run away so hurriedly?

When she was contemplating about that, she heard Eloise bawling and screaming in devastation in front of her. “Mer, don’t do this. I’m begging you. Can you please come down?”

Eloise’s voice was already hoarse from crying. It was evident how much she was worried about Meredith.

Madeline clenched her fists unconsciously. She looked forward and saw that her birth father, Sean, was there as well. He was holding Eloise, who was wailing sadly, back as he talked to Meredith slowly.

He kept calling her his sweetheart. Each and every word of his was filled with concern and love for Meredith.

Just like Eloise, he was so worried about losing Meredith. He was scared that he would lose this woman who he thought was his precious daughter.

“Jeremy. Is Jeremy not here yet?” At this moment, Meredith spoke.

Her voice was soft, making her seem fragile.

However, in Madeline’s eyes, she was just putting on a show.

“Jeremy will be here soon! Mer, you have to wait for Jeremy. Don’t do anything stupid!” Eloise told her while crying. She wanted to pull Meredith down, but she did not dare to go near her. She did not want to trigger Meredith.

However, Madeline knew clearly that Meredith wanted so badly for someone to pull her down.

She was just acting, after all.

Rose was crying even more dramatically now. “Mer! Oh, Mer, how can you be so stupid? Why do you want to punish yourself for someone else’s mistake? Madeline was the one who caused you to be unable to marry Jeremy. Now, this Vera Quinn is eliciting disharmony between you and Jeremy! Why is your life so sad?”

Rose used this opportunity to vilify Madeline. She joined her daughter in putting on an act and cried heavily. “Mer, my sweetheart, even though you’re not my daughter, your birth mother will be so sad if you jump down! You’re Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery’s only biological child!”

Tears streamed down Eloise’s face after she heard that. Sean felt his heart tighten as well.

Even though their daughter had not grown up with them, she was still their flesh and blood. No matter what, she was still their precious daughter!

“Mer, my darling…” Eloise cried out as she reached her hand for Meredith.

“Mom…” Meredith turned around as if she had been moved by their pleading. Her face was pale and her eyes were red from crying. She looked so pitiful.

“Mer, darling, come to Mommy, okay?” Eloise inched forward slowly.

It was such a heartwarming scene, but Madeline scoffed before walking forward. At the same time, she said slowly, “Only biological child? Are you sure about that?”

A sarcastic voice sounded out of the blue and these people in front of her were stunned.

Rose, who was in cahoots with Meredith, turned around abruptly. When she saw that it was Vera, she instantly recalled her conversation with Meredith in the ward that day.

Oh no!

That woman had heard them!

Meredith was like a shocked bunny when she saw Madeline. She retracted her hand that had been reaching out to Eloise while feeling disturbed. “Go away! Go away now! I don’t want to see you! Go away!”

Eloise and Sean glared at Madeline who had appeared out of nowhere when they saw Meredith’s reaction. “What are you doing here? What else do you want to do to my darling child? Get lost! Scram!”

With a smile, Madeline walked up to them regardless of Eloise and Sean’s glares that were full of resentment toward her.

“You b*tch! Why are you still here? Will you only be happy if you see Mer d**d?” Rose chased Madeline away as well. She was worried that Madeline would expose their conversation that day.

However, Madeline would not leave. She looked at Meredith calmly before looking at Rose in amusement. “Why do you want to chase me away so hurriedly? Are you worried that I’ll expose you?”

“…” Rose trembled while Meredith’s pupils constricted suddenly. When she wanted to change the topic, she saw Eloise escaping from Sean’s grip and charging toward Madeline with intense wrath.

“You evil woman! Not only do you look like Madeline, but what you’re doing also shows that you’re just as despicable as she was! Are you insisting on bullying my daughter? Do you think she doesn’t have parents? As her mother, I’m going to tell you now that she’s loved by both of her parents!”

After Eloise said that furiously, she lifted her hand to slap Madeline.

Madeline lifted her hand to grab Eloise’s wrist. She looked into her eyes. “Are you sure you want to hit me?” She asked softly. Eloise looked into Madeline’s eyes. For some reason, she felt an ache in her heart. She was slightly taken aback.

Looking at Eloise’s reaction, Madeline scoffed sarcastically. “I can confidently tell you what I heard this woman say in the hospital the other day. She said your and Mr. Montgomery’s actual biological daughter has been d**d since three years ago!”