Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 248

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Two days later, the dinner party went on as scheduled.

Since Miss L.ady was getting big, the rich and famous from the upper-class were all here. Most of them were socialites and wealthy women.

Madeline had been ready for a while, but at this moment, she felt complicated.

She knew Eloise would be here tonight as well.

This person was her mother who gave birth to her and lost her.

After she got the call from the manager of the headquarters, Madeline sashayed into the venue.

When she walked in, she saw a lot of socialites and wealthy ladies gathering around while chatting. They were boasting about the expensive, limited, and custom-made jewelry that they were wearing.

When Madeline walked in, she earned shocked gazes from the guests there.

Her champagne-colored dress accentuated her perfect figure while her black hair contrasted the fairness of her flawless skin. She would leave a trail of sweet fragrance wherever she went. One would not be able to stop themselves from taking in a few more sniffs.

“Is that woman Vera Quinn?”

“I heard she’s the one who won the shop on First Crystal Street. She’s even working with Miss L.ady and is the shop owner.”

“She’s the shop owner of Miss L.ady on First Crystal Street? She’s so beautiful and talented.”

“Talented? I heard she’s just some rich man’s sugar baby.”

“No wonder. I was wondering how she could have such a nice life without any backup. She finally has a chance to show her face now that Miss L.ady’s anniversary dinner is being hosted in Glendale.”

Madeline heard all kinds of malicious questions and suspicions coming from around her. She only smiled softly and continued walking.

After a while, she saw the manager from the headquarters as well as the head of design of Miss L.ady. They were talking to a few clients.

She was not seeing things. Among the clients, two of them were Meredith and Eloise.

While they were talking, the manager of the headquarters and the head of design spotted Madeline. “Everyone, let me introduce you to this lady.”

The head of design looked at Madeline in admiration. Eloise and Meredith turned around at the same time. There was shock and surprise on their faces. However, disdain and contempt immediately replaced their looks of surprise. Meanwhile, there was a sinister smile in Meredith’s eyes.

As the star of the night, Madeline walked over magnanimously with a huge smile.

The head of design gestured to Madeline and introduced her, saying, “This is Miss Vera Quinn. She’s the shop owner of the first branch of Miss L.ady in Glendale. She’s also Miss L.ady’s…”

“I was wondering who it was. It’s just this woman,” Eloise said in a strange tone. She looked at Madeline with disdain. “Mer, let’s go sit over there. I’m afraid I won’t have an appetite to eat if I continue to stay here and look at a woman like this.”

Madeline felt like someone had just stabbed her heart, but she still smiled.

She would never imagine the mother who she had fantasized about in her dreams for countless nights to be a woman who would feel disgusted from just looking at her.

How could this be the mother she longed to hug?

It seemed that Eloise was not bothered about Meredith admitting to working with Tanner to harm Madeline. On the contrary, she pampered her even more now.

Right, Meredith was her precious baby after all. How could she scold her?

“Mom, don’t say that,” Meredith smiled and said softly, “It mustn’t have been easy for Miss Quinn to join Miss L.ady. It’ll be bad if Miss Quinn loses her qualification after you say that. After all, I heard they have high requirements for the people who want to join the company.”

Meredith was saying that innocently. However, it was obvious she was trying to start something.

The manager and head of design looked at each other curiously while smiling. “Do Mrs. and Miss Montgomery have some misunderstandings about Vera?”

“No!” Eloise interrupted in agitation. Her tone also became colder. “I’m glad that Miss L.ady is finally launching in Glendale, but it’s such a waste for a heinous woman like her to join you and manage the shop. She’s touched so many delicate and exquisite jewelry of Miss L.ady. How filthy! You shouldn’t let a woman like her join your company! She’s not worthy!”

Meredith was ecstatic when she heard Eloise belittling Madeline. She also noticed a lot of people looking at Madeline with suspicion in their eyes.

This was good because she needed this kind of attention. Now, she was about to give Madeline a huge ‘gift’ to make her look bad!

“…” After she said that, the manager and head of design’s faces turned grim. They started looking at Madeline nervously.

However, Madeline only smiled and looked at Eloise with a weird glint in her eyes. “Mrs. Montgomery, you said I’m not worthy, so I wonder if the owner is your daughter, would she be worthy—”

“You thief! You stole my bracelet again!” Suddenly, a woman’s shriek interrupted Madeline.

Madeline vaguely felt as if she had heard this voice before.

She lifted her head in confusion. However, she did not expect the woman to reach out and grab her slender wrist. She pointed at the amethyst bracelet with tassels on her wrist.

“I was wondering who would be so gutsy to steal my bracelet at an event like this. You’re a recidivist! You’ve stolen once before at the Montgomeries’ birthday party and now you’re even wearing my bracelet so brazenly after stealing it! Back then, Mrs. Whitman stood up for you, but now, I want to send you to the police!”