Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 247

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 247 – There was a hint of misery in Jeremy’s slightly intoxicated face. “It’s her.”

After staying silent for some time, Madeline got an answer from him.

It was her.

The person he loved the most was Meredith.

Madeline’s grip on the wine glass tightened slowly.

The fire of rage in her heart started burning brightly, but it was unable to destroy the unwillingness and bitterness in her heart.

“Linnie, I’ll stay with you forever. I will protect you forever. I’ll take you as my bride…”

The little boy’s promise was like the autumn breeze outside the window, caressing her ear before drifting away.

Madeline held the wine glass and downed the contents inside it.

She felt as if a million needles were piercing her heart. They were so light yet they hurt so bad.

She was feeling sad for her past self. She was so innocent for believing his promise to marry her. She ended up waiting for him to reunite with her like a fool. However, in the end, all she got was this man’s merciless torture.

Madeline looked at the melancholic man in front of her with an icy gaze. There was hatred in her eyes.

‘Jeremy, I thought you were just cruel and could never be satisfied with what you had. However, the truth is that you were never serious about me.

‘You keep going on and on about Linnie, but that’s just a hypocritical show of affection.

‘Meredith Crawford.

‘You love her, right?


‘I’ll let you love her until you can’t love her anymore!’

Jeremy did not know when he had fallen asleep on the sofa of the room. After he woke up, the room was empty and Madeline had already left.

He massaged his temples and recalled what he said to Madeline before he passed out.

He quickly took out the colorful shell from his pocket and looked at it in his palm as his mind wandered. It was as if he was back to that year…

His grandfather had brought him for a vacation by the beach, but he was not happy as he had a lot of pressure on his back. He had lost the carefreeness and happiness people his age should have… All until a little girl appeared.

She said her name was Linnie.

It was such a simple name that sounded so pleasant to the ears and was easy to remember.

He could not forget it. The girl’s eyes would become crescent moons when she smiled and she had light dimples on her face. Plus, her eyes were so clear and pristine like crystals. They looked so lively.

She called him Jez. Her voice was so sweet that it sounded as if it had been drenched in honey.

He would hold her hand as they ran barefoot on the beach. Without knowing, he had let go of all his troubles and stress. He had never been so happy before.

After that, he was brought away by his grandfather without even getting the chance to say goodbye to her.

He had been thinking about this girl named Linnie for so many years… Until the day he met Meredith.

Meredith had dimples when she smiled as well, so it caused him to have a misconception. After that, Meredith told him firmly that she was the same Linnie he met from when they were kids.

He was shocked, but he did not feel intense joy because whenever he faced Meredith, he kept feeling like something was missing.

Despite that, he still tolerated and indulged Meredith to no end just because she was the Linnie who he had been missing for more than ten years.


Jeremy was conflicted.

He should throw this shell away now.

After all, he did not love the girl who gave him the shell anymore.

The Linnie in his heart right now was the deceased Madeline who had hurt him so much that it felt as if he was skinned raw.