Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 245

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 245 – Immediately, Jeremy saw a column of professionally analyzed data. He hastily glanced through it and scrolled directly to the end of the email.

After seeing the results, his breath froze for a second.

The doubts, expectations, and any traces of ridiculous hopes from the bottom of his heart turned into nothing in an instant.

The report clearly stated that he was not Lillian’s biological father.

However, their chromosomes were identical, and there was only one reason why they were identical. It was because Lillian was really Felipe’s biological daughter, which was why his DNA and Lillian’s DNA showed a kinship.

The phone slipped from Jeremy’s fingers unbeknownst to him.

The glow from the sunset scattered on his emotionless face. Jeremy eventually lifted the corners of his lips after a long while and let out a low laugh.

‘It turns out that there are indeed people who look so similar in this world.

‘The actual fact is, you’ve left me.’

His heart started aching as he recalled the loss from three years ago. Those feelings of regret and loss would be forever irreparable. He would never be able to sleep peacefully ever again.

Madeline was sure that Jeremy would not suspect her again, so she focused all of her time and energy on preparing the dinner party that was to be held two days later.

The most luxurious hotel in Glendale was without a doubt the six-star hotel that was owned by Whitman Corporation. Madeline had reserved the place beforehand. When she was about to go sign the contract, she saw Meredith walking to her shop the moment she stepped out of the door.

She looked down. Her usual vulnerable and pretty face was covered in sadness. She did not look as aggressive as she was after tearing away her hypocritical mask.

When she saw Madeline, Meredith quickly walked over to her. “Miss Quinn, I wonder if I can occupy some of your time? I need to talk to you.”

Madeline looked at the hypocritical woman in front of her, peering at her in disdain. “There’s nothing to talk about between us, Miss Crawford.”

She walked away after she said that.

“Vera, I’m begging you.”

Meredith’s petty pleads sounded from behind her.

“I won’t take up much of your time.”

Madeline stopped in her tracks. She turned her stunning face around slightly. “Since you’re begging, Miss Crawford, I’ll give you ten minutes.”

“Thank you.” Meredith thanked her in a grateful manner.

However, this sounded extremely hypocritical to Madeline.

In a cafe nearby.

After they sat down, Meredith ordered some food and drinks courteously. She was smiling the entire time.

“Miss Crawford, just spit it out. I have something to take care of.” Madeline did not waste any time beating around the bush. Then, she placed her phone on the table and started playing with it casually.

Meredith clenched her fists that were hiding under the table when she saw how coldly Madeline was treating her. There was a sad expression on her charming face.

“Vera, to be honest, you look exactly the same as my sister, Maddie. However, please, I’m begging you, don’t repeat the same things my sister did, okay?”

After she heard this, Madeline lifted her head to look at Meredith with a smile. “Miss Crawford, please just be frank. What do you mean by not repeating the same things Maddie did?”

Meredith sighed, and her tone was soft when she spoke, “I hope you can stop pestering my fiancé.

“Miss Quinn, you’re so beautiful and you have such good qualifications. Plus, you have the recognition from a brand like Miss L.ady. You’ve even joined their franchise and became the shop owner. There must be a lot of men after an exceptional woman like you. So, why do you want to be the third party in this relationship?”

Madeline finally understood what was going on after she heard this.

Meredith came all the way here to poison the well.

The third party in this relationship?

Madeline wanted to laugh at that term.

Before the silence could even set in, Meredith’s eyes went red as she said with devastating pettiness, “Miss Quinn, I’m begging you. Please don’t ruin my relationship with Jeremy. Please don’t tarnish yourself as well. You won’t be able to lift your head in this lifetime the moment you become the third party in a relationship.”

Meredith’s words sounded like well-meaning advice, however, Madeline burst out laughing after she heard that.

“The third party?” She scoffed. Her spirited eyes were shooting out invulnerable looks at Meredith without restraints. “It seems that you’re holding your head pretty high, Miss Crawford. If not, how could you sit here and tell me that so shamelessly?”