Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 224

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 224 – Meredith blushed and leaned close to Jeremy’s side lovingly. “Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. Jeremy will take good care of me, right, Jeremy?”

She cast her bright and clear gaze at Jeremy and happened to see him looking down at her.

It was just that his eyes were so cold that she was stunned.


“What I want to announce is the dissolution of our engagement.”



Meredith was instantly petrified. Eloise, Sean, and Jeremy’s parents all looked shocked.

Madeline looked calm, but she also felt surprised on the inside.

Did Jeremy actually say he wanted to break off the engagement with Meredith?

This was really mind-blowing.

He adored the two-faced Meredith. He had been indulging and pampering her without limit for so many years.

How could such a decision suddenly be made?

“Jeremy, what are you saying? How can you break off your engagement with Meredith when she has even given birth to your child?!” Eloise said angrily. She suddenly pointed to Madeline. “Is it because of this woman?!”
Jeremy frowned, discontented. “It has nothing to do with her.”

He said while looking at Meredith, “Do you still remember what I told you that morning?”

Meredith’s face stiffened as she unbelievably recalled what Jeremy had said that day. ‘If you had anything to do with Jackson’s kidnapping back then, I’ll officially announce that my engagement to you is invalid.’

Her face was instantly as white as snow. “Jeremy, you still don’t believe me? I’ve told you, I wasn’t involved in Jack’s kidnapping. He’s my own son! How could I partner up with an outsider to kidnap him? Why would I do that?” Meredith explained anxiously. This also made everyone who was present understand why Jeremy said that he wanted to dissolute the engagement.

“The reason was to frame Madeline, to make me hate her,” Jeremy calmly stated the reasons.

Meredith was stunned. “Jeremy, I-I didn’t! You can’t deny me just because of what Tanner said. We’ve been together for so many years. Why don’t you believe me—”

“It also has nothing to do with what the thug said,” Jeremy spoke coldly.

Meredith was even more confused now. They were all irrelevant? Then how was he so sure? Could there be any witnesses back then? No, that was impossible.

“I found the driver of the car that Madeline and Jack took back then.”

“…” Meredith’s mouth twitched as her pupils shrank.

The driver!

That driver!

She had actually completely forgotten about the driver!

Seeing the change in Meredith’s expression, Jeremy looked at her with disappointment. Then, he smiled. “That person confessed to everything. He made Madeline faint and brought her back to the dormitory, then handed Jack over to Tanner according to your instructions. The rest all happened according to your wish.”

“No, Jeremy, the driver’s lying. I didn’t—” Meredith quibbled in panic.

Jeremy looked at her with cold eyes. “You still won’t admit it at this point? Do you want me to bring the driver over to confront you in person?”

“Bring that driver over for a confrontation! I’ll never believe that Meredith would do such a thing! Everything was concocted by Madeline! It has nothing to do with Meredith!” Eloise defended resolutely.

Jeremy smiled and picked up the phone. “Okay, I’ll call him over for a confrontation now.”

“Jeremy!” Meredith suddenly called out to him nervously with tears all over her face. “Jeremy, I just love you too much. I didn’t want to see Madeline continue to pester you and that’s why I lost my head for a moment. Forgive me! Jeremy—”

Who knew that at the very last moment, Meredith would actually confess on her own!

She was afraid that if she did not admit it at this moment, she would not even have the chance to regret it.

Eloise and Sean were instantly dumbfounded, looking at Meredith who was begging Jeremy for mercy in disbelief.

“Jeremy, I know I was wrong. Please forgive me. Don’t break off the engagement, okay? Jeremy…” She begged Jeremy in tears.