Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 222

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 222 – Meredith agreed impatiently. “Don’t worry, Jeremy. I’ll be there on time tomorrow night with my parents.”

“That’s great, then.” Jeremy hung up the phone after saying those last three words.

He looked at the darkened screen, his slender, dewy eyes reflecting a secretive light.

Madeline had gone straight back to the apartment. After entering the house, she saw that Felipe was already up.

He sat at the table by the French windows, wearing loose casual clothes. He was watching the financial news on his phone while elegantly biting on a piece of toast for breakfast.

Seeing that Madeline was back, he gave her a gentle smile. “Miss L.ady’s sales performance is booming. Every piece of jewelry that you’ve designed has become popular. I think you stand a great chance of winning the grand prize for this year’s GMA International Jewelry Design Competition.

“Also, I brought you the fragrance materials you need. You can continue with your dreams and career here with peace of mind.”

Listening to every word Felipe had said, Madeline was grateful. “Thank you, Felipe.”

Felipe smiled faintly. The pair of mysterious eyes showed a gleam of bright light. “What I want is never your thanks.”

His voice was soft and warm like a spring breeze.

Seeing that Madeline was a little lost, Felipe laughed a little. “Don’t worry, I won’t force you to do anything. As long as you’re happy, I’m willing to be your knight forever.”

Madeline looked at the gentle, smiling face in front of her, and her heart felt warm.

It was this smile that had scattered the haze in her heart.

If it were not for Felipe’s company and encouragement in the past three years, she would not be here today.

The evening of the next day.

Madeline followed Felipe to Whitman Manor. He walked into the villa compound with a gift in one hand and Madeline’s hand in another.

Seeing that it was Felipe, the butler immediately reported to Old Master Whitman.

Old Master Whitman, who was resting in his room, suddenly tightened his loosened nerves.

Felipe had come back to the manor three years ago, but back then, he avoided seeing Old Master Whitman with the excuse of being unwell. Such a thing could not be repeated.

Madeline, on the other hand, really wanted to meet Old Master Whitman. She just did not expect to see Eloise and Meredith sitting on the sofa while chatting happily with Mrs. Whitman when she entered the house. Sean was also speaking with Jeremy’s father on the side.

‘What day… is today? Is everyone here?’

Seeing Madeline and Felipe entering while holding hands, everyone in the room was shocked.

Jeremy, who was coming down from the stairs, saw Madeline and Felipe’s interlocking fingers. He lowered his gaze.

“Aren’t you Jeremy’s uncle, Felipe?” Meredith was suspicious. “Uncle Felipe, why are you with this woman?”

“Miss Crawford, please be careful with your words. Vera is my fiancée.” Felipe seldom got angry and had always been a gentleman, but at this moment, Madeline clearly felt his displeasure.
“What? This woman is your fiancée?” Mrs. Whitman stood up with a whoosh. She sneered, “Felipe, you sure know how to find a wife!”

Felipe curled his lips lightly when he heard those words. “Vera is the best woman I’ve ever met. It’s my greatest honor to marry her and make her my wife.”

“…” Mrs. Whitman had nothing to say momentarily.

It was also the first time Madeline had heard Felipe praise her like this.

She was a little flustered and her cheeks heated up slightly.

She did not think she would happen to meet Jeremy’s deep gaze that was looking at her meaningfully when she looked up.

“Mr. Whitman,” Madeline spoke calmly.

Upon hearing this, Meredith quickly looked over and saw Jeremy coming. She hurried to his side and cast a mocking look at Madeline. “Jeremy, who would’ve known that the boyfriend that Miss Quinn mentioned before is Uncle Felipe. Don’t you think this is fate? It seems that Miss Quinn and Uncle Felipe are a good match, Jeremy. What do you think?”

Jeremy glanced at Meredith’s smiling face indifferently. With one hand reaching into his pocket, he walked straight toward Madeline.

“Jeremy?” Meredith stared blankly, the smile on her face disappearing instantly.

Jeremy completely ignored Felipe and everyone else, only walking straight to Madeline.

He looked at Madeline, curled his lips, and smiled. The hand in his pants pocket moved as though he wanted to take something out.