Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 219

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 219 – In the crowd, there was suddenly an overly familiar voice that came from nowhere.

Madeline’s heart was in her mouth all of a sudden and her heartbeat also increased. Yet, her face revealed no reaction. She walked toward Jeremy without even a single ripple.

“Mr. Whitman, did you deliberately bring me here for breakfast?” She smiled, the morning rays after the rain falling on her immaculate and delicate face, shining beautifully.

Jeremy seemingly glanced in a certain direction, then nodded. “Won’t my future aunt-in-law show deference in a public setting? Or are you worried that Uncle Felipe will be jealous?”

“Why would Felipe be jealous because of such a thing?” Madeline smiled calmly, but her heartbeat was erratic.

She could still hear that familiar voice calling out ‘Maddie’ again and again.

That voice, accompanied by rapid footsteps, got closer and closer.

However, she just calmly followed Jeremy’s footsteps to the breakfast shop.


At last, just when Madeline was about to step into the breakfast shop, the person in front of her held her hand tightly.

“Maddie! Maddie! It really is you!”

Ava held Madeline’s hand tightly with excitement. Her tears were like a broken dam, cascading down from her eyes without restraint while smudging her delicate makeup in no time.

“Maddie?” Madeline raised her eyebrows in confusion. “Could it be that you’re Madeline Crawford’s old friend and you also think that I’m her?”

Hearing Madeline’s answer, Ava’s tearful eyes whirled from shock.

“What do you mean ‘think’ of you as Madeline? Maddie, what on earth happened? Why did you show up here?”

Ava had many questions, but in the end, it was incomparable to the surprise of seeing Madeline at this moment.

She spread her arms around Madeline excitedly, feeling the realness of her friend’s flesh and blood. Ava’s voice trembled. “Maddie, it’s really you! That’s great! You’re still alive!”

She took Madeline’s hand in agitation and glared at Jeremy fiercely. “Maddie, why are you still with this scumbag? He and Meredith almost k****d you back then! How can you still forgive him? Come with me! Don’t be together with this scumbag anymore!”

Ava glared at Jeremy angrily and pulled Madeline up to leave.

However, not only did Madeline not take a step, but she also withdrew her hand forcefully.

“Miss, you’ve got the wrong person. I’m not Madeline Crawford.”

She handed her business card calmly as she said.

“This is my business card.”

Ava stared at the business card Madeline had handed over blankly. The words ‘Vera Quinn’ looked unusually strange.

“Maddie, what are you saying? How can you not be my Maddie?!” Ava raised her hand, wiped her tears, and looked at Madeline’s face carefully. These delicate eyebrows were exactly the same as Maddie’s and even the dimples that appeared when she smiled slightly were exactly the same. How could it not be her?!

“Maddie, are you being threatened by this scumbag? Or have you lost your memories? I’m Ava! Don’t you know me anymore?”

Ava’s wet eyes looked at her hopefully.

Madeline curled her lips calmly and met Ava’s eyes with a smile.

“Miss, I really don’t know you. I also didn’t lose my memories. Please stop saying that Mr. Whitman is a scumbag, and don’t call me ‘Maddie’ anymore. I don’t want to continue to be recognized as a d**d person.”

Ava looked at Madeline who had said these words in disbelief. The excitement and eagerness in her heart were gradually extinguished by Madeline’s indifferent gaze.

“Maddie, what… What are you saying? Why did you become like this? I’m Ava! Your best friend, Ava!”

She stressed hard, trying to find something in Madeline’s eyes that could tally with her, but there was nothing.

Madeline gave Ava a cold look and turned her head. “Mr. Whitman, I’ve suddenly lost my appetite to eat. Please send me home.”

“Okay.” Jeremy agreed readily.

“Maddie? Maddie!” Seeing that Madeline had turned around to leave, Ava caught up grudgingly but was stopped by Jeremy. “Jeremy, you scumbag! You must’ve done something to Maddie! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have become like this!”