Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2137

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2137 – When she remembered Hannah’s hesitant and stunned expression when she told her that she was going to stay at home just now, Madeline was sure she was acting.

Madeline knew her purpose.

“Linnie, have you ever heard of this story? “ Jeremy asked suddenly.

Madeline looked into the man’s eyes curiously. “

What story?“

“It’s the story of a frog carrying a scorpion to cross a river.“

When Jeremy said that, Madeline understood immediately.

She knew the story, and she knew what Jeremy wanted to express to her.

“Linnie, some people are just like that. It’s hard for them to change. Like a scorpion, she can’t restrain the evil in her heart.“ Jeremy looked as if he was educating a child as he spoke earnestly.

He did not forget to pick up his youngest son and tap his little nose with his fingers.

“Pudding, did you hear what I said? Let’s be good people. We must not have the intention to harm others, but we must always be guarded against others. Don’t be so trusting of others like your mommy.“

“…“ Madeline furrowed her beautiful eyebrows together. “Jeremy, am I as naive as you say?“

“Are you not? “ Jeremy retorted. “You don’t know how naive you were before. Although you’re a little better now, you still go soft very easily.“

Madeline was speechless. Sometimes, what Jeremy said was indeed true.

When he saw that the woman next to him looked a little depressed, Jeremy raised his hand and touched Madeline’s head. Then, he parted his lips to praise her, “What can I do if my wife is good-hearted?

She’s actually very smart, but sometimes, she can get a little confused. However, it’s fine, because I, her protector, will always stay by her side and protect her.“

After listening to what Jeremy said, Madeline grinned. Her eyes turned into two crescents, and she was amused.

However, Karen looked serious on the side. “Then you’d better keep a close eye on your wife. That woman is staying in our home now. Although you say you want to turn passive to active, you’re all under one roof. You must be careful! “

Madeline nodded solemnly. “Mom is right. Jeremy, we can’t take this lightly.“

“Roger, wifey, “ Jeremy promised in a joking tone, but his eyes were very sincere.

Madeline believed that Jeremy would protect her and their children. Of course, she would never let her guard down as well.

Madeline and Jeremy stayed at home for the entire afternoon.

Jeremy took care of the little boy seriously while Madeline concentrated on drawing her design drafts.

Around dusk, Madeline went to pick Jackson up.

On the way back, Madeline explained to Jackson about Hannah’s situation. Although the little guy was not even seven years old, he was much more sensible than his peers.

He assured Madeline, and at the same time, he reminded her, “Mommy, don’t worry. I’ll cooperate with you and daddy, but you two must also be careful. I think this evil woman will definitely play d***y.“

Madeline agreed with her son and nodded her head ‘ obediently’.

“Don’t worry, Jack. Mommy and Daddy will be very careful.“

“Okay! “ Jackson felt relieved.

Not long after returning home, the servant almost finished preparing dinner. Madeline came to the door of Hannah’s room and reached out to knock on the door lightly.