Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 212

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 212 – “Jeremy! Jeremy, you have to believe me! You can’t condemn me for that madman Tanner’s nonsense! Have you forgotten the days when we were at the beach? You said that I was the most innocent and kindest girl you’ve ever met! You said that you’d always be with me and make me your bride, that you would protect me and trust me forever. Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy!”

Meredith did not think that Jeremy would ignore her up until this point.

Seeing the sports car zipping away, Meredith stamped her feet in anger.

“Madeline, you b*tch! Why couldn’t you just d*e in peace?!”

She turned around angrily and entered the villa. Seeing Jackson who was carrying his school bag and heading out, Meredith stepped forward while sending the servant to go buy vegetables. This left only her and Jackson in the house.

Jackson looked at Meredith, his beautiful black eyes filled with defensiveness and repulsion. His little hand was gripping the shoulder strap of his school bag.

The more she looked at him, the more hateful he became!

Meredith rolled her eyes at Jackson with extreme disgust, suddenly stretching out her hand to grab Jackson’s thin little arm.

Jackson did not speak, but his body resisted. In the end, he was still just a five-year-old child who was unable to repel the strength of an adult.

Meredith dragged him to the utility room, pushed him in without any explanation, and locked the door.


Jackson slapped the door hard.

Meredith kicked the door viciously. “Shut up, you annoying child! I knew I should’ve strangled you when you were in the belly of that b*tch, Madeline!”

She cussed and transferred all her resentment as well as dissatisfaction onto Jackson.

After struggling and crying for help, Jackson finally shrank helplessly in the dark corner while hugging his small body tightly.

“Big Sis Vera…” he murmured in the darkness. It seemed that only by calling this name could he see a little light.

Meredith knew that Jeremy could not be allowed to investigate the truth of the kidnapping incident back then. Otherwise, she could not imagine what kind of punishment Jeremy would give her, let alone when she could no longer be the young wife of the Whitman family.

After thinking about it, Tanner was still the only one who knew the truth.

Madeline was already d**d and the d**d could not speak.

As such, it was now enough for her to just deal with Tanner!

In any case, she could not let Tanner talk nonsense!

After Madeline had sent Lillian to the kindergarten, she then returned to the apartment.
She lit up the new incense she had just made and took a fine brush to draw a portrait on the drawing paper.

‘Jeremy, oh how much I once loved you and how much I hate you now.

‘I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you discover Meredith’s true face.’

The mobile phone on the table vibrated suddenly. Seeing the caller ID, the corner’s of Madeline’s lips rose. She quickly picked up the phone, the smile on her face revealing her joy at the moment. “Do you want to come back now? That’s great, Lillian and I will pick you up.”

After hearing the man’s quiet, water-like voice on the other end of the phone, Madeline then hung up, feeling much better.

The doorbell rang just then and Madeline unexpectedly saw Jeremy’s stern face through the peephole. His expression was deep while his eyebrows were furrowed tightly. He looked to be in a bad mood.

Thinking of what had happened last night, Madeline could roughly guess why Jeremy was in a bad mood.

After he rang the doorbell again, she then slowly opened the door with a surprised expression. “Mr. Whitman? Why are you here?”

Jeremy looked at Madeline with a tired gaze as his lips moved lightly. “Miss Vera, I want you to do me a favor.”