Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2119

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2119 – Jeremy was not joking. His sharp eyes told Hannah that he did not have the patience to be kind to her. His tolerance for her had already reached its limit.

After Jeremy had said that, Hannah momentarily fell silent.

She looked at Jeremy dazedly, thinking about her wishful thinking of wanting to end up with this man who had done nothing but ignore her until the very end. She then felt even more disrespected and humiliated.

When she heard Jeremy talking to her like that, even though Hannah’s heart was ridden with fear, she felt that Jeremy was just scaring her and that he would not really let go. Moreover, Madeline would never allow him to let go even if he would.

After thinking about it, Hannah braced herself, gritted her teeth, and said, “Just let go! I didn’t even ask you two to help me. Mr. Whitman, if you’re siding with this woman, you should just side with her till the end. Out of sight, out of mind. Let go now! “

Hannah looked sterned and seemed to be welcoming d***h, but her arms were already sore.

The biting cold wind whizzed across her face, and her pained cheeks felt as if they were being scraped by a razor blade.

“Linnie, since she doesn’t want to live, then we don’t have to waste our energy any further, “ Jeremy said, ready to let go. “Jeremy, don’t let go.“

Madeline instructed; her expression full of worry.

“Linnie, she leaped over the fence saying that she wanted to d*e. She even said she doesn’t want us to save her. So, why should we trouble ourselves? Since

she is so desperate to end her life, we should just let go.

After Jeremy finished speaking, he was about to pull Madeline away.

When Hannah saw that Jeremy was about to let go, her heart pounded, and her face was frightened pale.

Now, she started to tremble from the weightlessness. She did not want to d*e.

She regretted this the moment she leaped over the fence.

She did not truly want to d*e!

However, Jeremy did not seem to be joking. In the next second, Hannah’s eyes widened as she saw Jeremy letting go of his hand.

At this moment, Hannah’s body visibly plunged.

“Ah! “ Hannah yelled; she was terrified. “I don’t want to d*e! “

She screamed, and as she screamed, Jeremy quickly reached out and grabbed Hannah’s wrist again, lifting her plunging body upward.

Hannah was drenched in cold sweat from her fright; her face was pale as paper.

“Jeremy, stop fooling around. Pull her up now,“ Madeline said solemnly.

Jeremy looked at Hannah and he knew how scared Hannah was.

He did not want to waste any more time and energy, but at the same time, he listened to Madeline. As such, he applied force and pulled Hannah up from the fence.

Her feet were firmly planted on the ground again.

Hannah slumped on the ground. Her legs were weak and trembling, and she kept muttering to herself, “I don’t want to d*e, I don’t want to d*e, I don’t want to d*e, I don’t want to just d*e like this…“

Madeline breathed a sigh of relief.

Without any concern whatsoever for Hannah, Jeremy immediately held Madeline and asked, “ Linnie, are your arms sore?“

He asked with concern, his palm gently squeezing Madeline’s arm that had just overexerted.

Madeline’s heart warmed up when she felt Jeremy’s care and love. When she turned her head, she saw Hannah sitting on the ground quietly wiping away her tears. Madeline then glanced at Jeremy.

Jeremy understood what Madeline was trying to tell him. As such, he gently let go of his embrace and watched Madeline slowly walk toward Hannah.