Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2112

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2112 – “Pudding, who am I?“

Jeremy knelt and asked the little guy. The little guy blinked his innocent and pure big eyes and looked at Jeremy seriously. “Daddy! “

The little guy called out the word “Daddy“ accurately.

Jeremy’s heart seemed to melt in an instant. As he looked at his soft and cute son, he felt sad again.

He was too embarrassed to recall the scene where Madeline gave birth to a Pudding.

He never felt that he was a qualified father.

He had never fulfilled his responsibilities as the father of his three children.

“Pudding knows how to say ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ so soon. He’s so much smarter than Jack. Jack only knew how to say ‘Mommy’ after a long time, “ Karen joked and laughed.

Jackson pouted proudly. “Because that evil woman isn’t my mother, so I didn’t want to call her my mommy.“

Jackson’s explanation made Karen silent for a while, at the same time, she felt a little embarrassed too.

In the beginning, Jackson had been bullied by Meredith. Moreover, as her mother-in-law, Karen had also been responsible for adding fuel to the fire when Madeline had been wronged.

Madeline felt Karen’s discomfort and saw that Jeremy was also blaming himself. She picked up Pudding and smiled lovingly at Jackson. “Jack is really smart. When everyone hated me, you still stood by my side.“

She smiled and touched his head.

“So, Jack and Pudding are smart little babies.“

“Then, Mommy, do you like me more, or do you like Pudding more?“ Jackson blinked and asked Madeline this difficult question.

Unhesitatingly, Madeline said, “I love you all the same, whether it’s Jack, Pudding, or Lily. You’re the only ones I love the most.“

“Uh -huh.“ Jackson blinked his eyes and raised his small brows solemnly. “What about Daddy? Isn’t Daddy the only person you love?“

Madeline pretended to be indifferent and glanced at Jeremy. “No, you’re my only ones.“

Although he knew that Madeline was just joking, Jeremy felt a little disappointed when he heard it.

The next day, Jeremy sent Madeline to Montgomery Enterprise. He could not forget about the courier last night, but Madeline did not seem to care about it.

Jeremy wanted to accompany Madeline, but he had an important meeting at the company, so he had to go back.

Madeline took the elevator straight to the chairman’s office. Sean was also having a morning meeting right now, so Madeline waited in the office first.

She stood up and watched the display in the office. As she was looking at them, she suddenly felt as if someone was observing her.

Madeline continued to look at the display calmly and freely. She turned to her side deliberately and saw a figure reflected in the glass cabinet in front of her.

She turned around calmly, but as soon as she did that, she saw a figure hurriedly flash past the door.

Madeline chased out without hesitation, but as soon as she stepped out of the door, she ran into Sean who had just come back from his meeting.

“Eveline, here you are.“

Sean was thrilled to see his baby girl.

“Come in, I haven’t seen you in a long time. I had an important video conference last night, so I can’t leave. I have a lot of time today to talk to you.“

Madeline smiled at Sean and nodded. When she turned around, Madeline glanced at the door subconsciously, feeling as if there was still a figure loitering in the corridor.

She could guess what was happening, but she could only pretend not to know anything at the present. As such, she followed Sean into the office and sat down.