Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2109

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2109 – Fabian seemed to suddenly become very impulsive because he was trying to show Jeremy his determination and stance.

Jeremy could see Fabian’s fervent anticipation, but he had not expected Fabian to use his past with Madeline as an example.

In retrospect, he and Madeline had only met once back then, but they never forgot each other.


Jeremy looked at Fabian thoughtfully, “But Lily is still an ignorant kid, and you are not.“

“So, now, I will only take care of Lily with peace of mind. As long as she doesn’t hate me, I will always be by her side.“

Fabian made a solemn promise, and the look in his eyes was firm.

“Jeremy, I, like you, also hope that Lily will grow up happily and healthily. So, I will not go beyond what I should do, let alone cause any trouble to Lily.“

After listening to Fabian’s sincere words, Jeremy smiled knowingly.

“Lily still doesn’t understand anything. Since she doesn’t understand anything, her feelings are the most intuitive. She can feel it if you treat her well. Linnie and I can also see it, so that’s why we are fine with letting Lily stay with you.“

“Are you for real this time?“ Fabian was a little excited, but he forced himself to stay calm when he asked that.

“Yeah.“ Jeremy nodded lightly. “Linnie and I have been out for a while, so we have to go back. Since Lily is fine here, we have no worries.“

Fabian felt both at ease and happy when he heard this.

His eyes were nearly bursting with joy.

A few days later, Shirley finally came out with the antidote.

After injecting Lillian with it, the rashes on her gradually disappeared.

After another two days of observation, it was confirmed that Lillian had no other complications. A s such, Madeline and Jeremy went to the airport with peace of mind the next day.

At this moment, Fabian stood aside holding Lillian’s hand.

Madeline reluctantly squatted in front of Lillian and touched that cute face affectionately.

“Lily, you have to listen to Fab. If you miss me and Daddy, ask Fab to take you home, okay?“

Lillian blinked her eyes sensibly, but she seemed reluctant for Madeline and Jeremy to leave.

She raised her little hand and gently held Madeline’s hand. “Mommy.“

The little cutie uttered those two words obediently.

Madeline was eager to hear the little cutie say more, but in the end, her wish did not come true.

Madeline also knew that getting Lillian back to talking normally would be a long battle, so she did not feel the urgency the way she had before.

“Lily, be good.“ Jeremy also walked over, touching her little head affectionately. “If you miss me, Daddy, and your brothers, ask Fab to take you home. Lily, you must remember that Fab isn’t the only one who treats you well.“

Lillian understood what Jeremy was trying to tell her. The cutie then nodded and called out, “Daddy.“

Jeremy was very pleased. Even though he felt reluctant, he and Madeline still got on the plane together.

A few hours later, Madeline and Jeremy returned to the Whitman family home, and Karen could not help complaining when they learned that they had not brought Lillian back.

“You’re really something else. You actually let an outsider take care of your daughter? Do you think that person can take care of Lily meticulously?

Besides, Lily’s body is different from ordinary children’s. Who will be responsible if there’s something wrong with her body?“