Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2105

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2105 – Upon hearing Madeline’s answer, Fabian felt like he was dreaming.

How was that possible?

Jeremy and Madeline were not opposed to it?

Upon seeing the dazed Fabian, disbelief on his face, Shirley, as a bystander, also spoke up.

“Actually, even an outsider like me can see clearly that you really care about Lily, Mr. Johnson. With you taking care of her, I think any parent would be at ease.“

Upon hearing Shirley’s words, Fabian felt a little embarrassed.

“You should continue chatting, I ‘ll head back to the room first. I have to work out an antidote as soon as possible so that the rashes on Lily’s body disappear soon.“

Shirley said and turned the wheelchair.

Madeline glanced at Jeremy before following Shirley, “I’ll take you back to the room.“

Shirley wanted to refuse, but she figured that maybe Madeline had something to tell her, so she did not refuse.

After returning to the room, Shirley went straight to the desk.

Madeline saw the data that Shirley had studied in the past few days on the desk, and it could be seen that she was truly serious about developing an antidote.

“I’m sorry,“ Shirley apologized suddenly, “I really didn’t expect Carter to do this to Lily.“

“You don’t have to apologize to me. It was all Carter, and it has nothing to do with you, “ Madeline said calmly.

“How can it have nothing to do with me? I developed the test reagents. I was the one who developed all those harmful things. For example, the poison in Jeremy’s body and the anti-toxoid test reagent that was injected into your body back then.“

Shirley lowered her eyes guiltily.

“My parents and my younger brother used their talents to save people, but I have been harming people. But all of them left the world before me, and I, the evildoer, is still struggling on whilst at d***h’s door…“

She kept mocking herself and making cutting remarks at herself, but she was smiling bitterly as she shed tears.

“Is it right that the good people in this world won’t live long? The ones who should d*e the most are those evildoers who have lost their humanity.“

“Shirley, don’t blame yourself anymore. Regret is also the weakest and most useless emotion in the world.“

Madeline stepped forward to persuade her.

“Since G*d would make such arrangements, you should face the future positively. If you are capable, you should use your abilities to help or make up for

those who you’ve harmed.“

After listening to what Madeline said, Shirley felt that it made sense.

She nodded and looked at the stack of researched data in front of her.

“Eveline, don’t worry, l’ll definitely not let your daughter endure the pain and torture that she shou1dn’t endure. Give me a little more time. I will work it out as soon as possible.“ Shirley made a firm promise.

“I trust that you will because you want to rush back to St. Piaf to see Carter, don’t you?“ Madeline smiled as she voiced what was in Shirley’s heart.

Shirley’s hand that had been raised to take the paper froze, and then she smiled without denying it.

“Yes, I have to go back. If he is guilty, I’m guilty too.“

Having said this, Madeline’s heart had another unsolved doubt.

“What happened with Ryan? What’s the relationship between Carter and Ryan?“

Upon hearing this, Shirley answered without hesitation.

“They had a business deal.“ “A business deal?“

“Yes, it had been that at first. But later, but after that, it deteriorated a bit,“ Shirley recalled. “In fact, Carter has always been in contact with the people of the Stygian Johnson Gang. He wanted the right to
inherit the throne of the St. Piaf monarchy, which cost a lot of human strength, material, and financial resources. And so, he had improper business dealings with the Stygian Johnson Gang.”