Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2102

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2102 – Carter glared at Jeremy grudgingly, knowing that he could no longer turn back.

Shirley, who was watching this scene unfold, was relieved instead.

She truly did not want to see Carter making mistakes again and again. This was the best outcome.

When she saw that Carter was about to be taken away, Shirley rolled the wheels of her wheelchair with all her strength to follow him.

Carter was resentful at this moment, but he could not resist.

Eventually, his hateful eyes fell on Shirley, and the hatred in his eyes instantly dissipated, turning into a touch of warmth and tenderness.

“Stop following me, “ Carter shouted to Shirley who was tailing him, his eyes filled with a rare touch of warmth.

“You should go with them and slowly forget about me.”

When he said this, it seemed that a painful emotion had flashed across Carter’s eyes.

“Shirley, we’re destined to be separated. I hope you can live a good life.“

After saying this, Carter went into the car that would detain him without looking back.

Shirley still wanted to rush over to him, but Madeline held her back. “Shirley, don’t be impulsive.“

Shirley was on the verge of an emotional breakdown, and at this moment, she broke down.

“Don’t stop me! I want to go with him! If he’s guilty, then I must be guilty too! “ Shirley tried her best to get close to Carter.

Madeline could not bear it. As she was about to let go, Fabian strode over to stop her at this moment.

“Shirley, you can’t go with him! If you think you are guilty, you should first develop an antidote. Lily is still waiting for you to save her! “

It sounded as if Fabian was roaring this.

He was truly afraid that Shirley would just leave like this or get into some kind of accident. If that happened, there would be no way to heal the red spots on Lillian’s body.

Shirley seemed taken aback by Fabian’s words. She could not act so impulsively.

Lillian still awaited Shirley to develop an antidote for her.

Shirley had already made a lot of mistakes, and now she must make up for it.

Shirley stopped struggling, and instead, she merely watched the car that held Carter moving further and further away.

She merely stayed where she was, letting her tears gradually d***n out her sight. Eventually, she could

no longer see anything …

A while later, Madeline and the rest returned to Fabian’s villa.

At this point, Lillian had been put to sleep by the servants.

Madeline and Jeremy took a bath together to wash away the cold.

What made Madeline thankful was that although Jeremy had been trapped in the pool for so long, he had not contracted a cold or any other discomfort.

His body was truly strong.

After going downstairs, Fabian had already asked the servant to prepare a warm meal.

Shirley sat aside dazedly. When she spotted Jeremy and Madeline coming downstairs, she slowly turned the wheelchair over to face them.

“Carter said that you were all trapped in a pool more than two meters deep. How did you get out?”