Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 209

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 209 – Jeremy’s gaze looked exceptionally abstruse and complicated. He clasped Madeline’s slender wrist tightly, tightening his hold on her inch by inch to not allow her to break free.

He could not let go of her hand again. He could not…

Madeline behaved coolly and calmly in the face of Jeremy’s doubts.

She curled the corners of her lips, seemingly revealing her annoyance. “If I remember correctly, Mr. Whitman, you promised me that you’d no longer suspect me of being your ex-wife, Madeline Crawford.”

Hearing her answer, the anticipation in Jeremy’s eyes seemed to have been extinguished instantly and his hand that was holding Madeline gradually relaxed.

Madeline withdrew her hand and took a sip of champagne. “To be honest, it’s really annoying to be treated as a d**d person every time. If it wasn’t for me being afraid of pain, I would have really considered giving myself a makeover.”

Jeremy suddenly raised his eyes. “Don’t get plastic surgery.”

“Hmm?” Madeline raised her eyebrows lightly.

Jeremy paused slightly, then opened his mouth. “Sorry, this is the last time.” He promised. “You don’t need plastic surgery. Your natural appearance is the most beautiful.”

His words were meant to be for praise and appreciation, but it was merely because her face was exactly the same as Madeline.

He slowly turned around as he spoke, and the bustling city under the night could be seen from this angle.

There were intertwining neon lights and dazzling illuminations, but it seemed that the chill between his brows still could not be dissipated.

“Miss Vera, can you accompany me for a few drinks?” His emotionless voice sounded.

Madeline looked at his back and found it to look quite lonely and depressed.

She walked to his side with a glass of wine and shot him a neutral glance. “Although I’m quite disgusted that people keep treating me like a d**d person, it seems that the ‘d**d person’, who’s your ex-wife, was wronged by mistake. She doesn’t seem to be the shameless, cruel woman as rumored.”

She expressed the hidden grievances and powerlessness in her heart in a joking manner.

Her heart was bitter even though she had finally claimed her innocence.

After saying these words, Madeline observed Jeremy’s eyebrows furrowing tightly.

He looked at the night city and closed his eyes, the evening breeze softening the sharp corners of his eyes and eyebrows. Jeremy spoke after a long silence.

“What has been the most regrettable thing in your life, Miss Vera?”

“The most regrettable thing?” Madeline took a sip of champagne thoughtfully. “Probably my mistake of a marriage. I was too naive then and was cheated on by my ex-boyfriend. Even now, he remains at ease.”

Jeremy pulled at the corner of her lips. “Miss Vera, you’re outstanding and perfect, yet there are still men who don’t know how to cherish you?”

“There are too many blind men in this world and I’m not the only one to be disappointed.” Madeline mocked.

She saw Jeremy’s eyes drooping as if he was thinking about something. He smiled after a few seconds.

“You’re right, there are too many blind men in this world.”

Jeremy laughed at himself and looked at Madeline. “However, the man who failed you is still alive at least. Miss Vera, you still have a chance to right this regret.”

His tone sounded weaker than it had ever been before and his alluring eyes seemed to have lost their light, looking so depressed and lonely.

His words had also seemed to reveal what his irreparable regret was.

Madeline casually picked up the glass and drank the liquid in it, then chuckled lightly.

‘Jeremy Whitman, I’m afraid your regret is only because you feel ashamed for having done something bad, no?

‘You’ve never cared about me. More misconceptions will only hurt me more and make me regret more.

‘I don’t need your regrets either.

‘What I want is to restore my innocence and have you blind, heartless people witness another face of Madeline’s!’