Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2078

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2078 – Fabian blurted out all his suspicion.

Shirley was momentarily stunned, then a trace of self-blame appeared in her eyes.

“You’re right to be suspicious. I used to collude with Carter, and I’d done what he wanted me to do. I was a fool with no self-respect who could not think for myself.“ Shirley laughed at herself.

Upon hearing Shirley’s description of herself, Fabian was surprised and a little embarrassed.

Knowing that Shirley helped Madeline rescue Lillian before, Fabian coughed twice and corrected Shirley before thanking her.

“Ahem, I, I was just too worried about Lily, so that’s why I didn’t think before I spoke. You don’t have to take it to heart. I know that you are actually different from Carter. He doesn’t have a heart.“

Fabian explained. He did feel that Shirley and Carter were not the same.

If Shirley had truly been that nasty, Madeline would not have been able to rescue Lillian.

After listening to Fabian’s explanation, Shirley just smiled calmly.

In fact, she no longer cared about what others thought of her.

“Shirley, you had originally developed this test reagent, so you must have a way to prepare an antidote, don’t you?“

Madeline asked urgently, looking at the spots on her baby princess’s skin. At that moment, she only felt distressed.

Shirley gently put the piece of paper on the coffee table. “Carter didn’t lie to you, and the formula is true. Also, even though there is indeed no antidote, I can try to make one. But I just don’t know if I can buy the corresponding materials needed for the antidote.“

“Don’t worry too much about this, I can ask Evan for help.“ Fabian was very confident.

Shirley nodded, her expression becoming anxious again.

“Are you worried about Carter?“ Madeline saw something wrong with Shirley’s expression, so she could vaguely guess the reason behind it.

“Yes, I’m worried about him,“ Shirley replied, chuckling involuntarily.

“I know that his life won’t be in danger, but when he wakes up, he will definitely be sent back to St. Piaf where he will be severely punished.“

Shirley said with a long sigh, followed by a melancholic question.

“Fame, wealth, power, status. Are they really that important to a man?“

“These are very important to a man, but they must not be obtained through improper means. Carter ended up where he has today because he took the wrong path.“

Madeline’s answer caused Shirley to fall into contemplation.

Perhaps she was also half responsible for why Carter had become what he was today.

Back then, she never objected nor corrected him when he asked her to do those things. She merely blindly followed his instructions. If she could stop it then, the outcome might be different.

Shirley had been waiting for updates about Carter while Madeline also waited for news.

She waited not only for Carter to wake up, but she also hoped that Fabian’s people could find Jeremy. However, after she waited and waited, they could not find any clues at all.

At this time, Madeline remembered one thing.

The locations of Jeremy and her mobile phones were linked to each other, Madeline immediately looked up the location of Jeremy’s phone, but what she did not expect was that the location the red dot displayed was actually the old address of Stygian Johnson Gang, which was where she and Fabian had gone early in the morning.

It was already dark, but Madeline did not delay. She called a car and rushed to the place where she had gone in the morning.

After getting out of the car, she followed the red dot on the screen and walked in. It was already dark, and the big house was pitch black.

Madeline turned on the phone’s flashlight and walked into the dark.

When she nearly arrived, she stopped in her tracks.