Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2068

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2068 – “How can you carry three suitcases by yourself? Let me take one.“ Without speaking further, Madeline carried the black box in one hand and the suitcase in the other.

“Lily, come to me now. We’ll go back to the hotel together.“

Lillian heard Madeline calling out to her, but the little cutie was still looking in the direction Evan had driven away for a while before she turned to follow behind Madeline.

Of course, Madeline and Jeremy could sense how Lillian felt, but neither of them spoke.

After returning to the hotel, Madeline placed the little black box on the bed and called out to Lillian.

“Lily, this is a gift from Fabian. Let’s see what’s inside.“

Lillian blinked her big beautiful eyes and stretched out her small hand to pull the ribbon apart. Madeline then helped to open the box.

After opening it, Madeline felt a bright light flashing into her eyes. Upon closer inspection, she discovered that inside the box was a dazzling crown studded with rhinestones.

Lillian could not speak, but Madeline saw surprise and curiosity in her big pure eyes.

The little girl would not understand, but as a girl, she would have a natural affection for such beautiful

ornaments. Additionally, this crystal crown was very beautiful, and it looked custom-made.

“Why did Fabian give such an expensive thing to Lily?“ Jeremy walked over. He could instantly see that the rhinestones on this crown were all genuine.

As a professional, Madeline could also see the value of this crown.

Madeline did not answer Jeremy’s question. She lowered her eyes and approached her before asking with a loving and gentle smile.

“Lily, do you like it?“

Lillian nodded. Her sweet dimples danced on the sides of her lips.

“You should return such a valuable thing to Fabian,“ Jeremy suggested.

Madeline was of the same mind, then she sighed ruefully and guessed, “Maybe Fabian has the same views as us. We all hope that Lily will become a carefree little princess.“

She smiled and sighed. As she was about to put the crown back, she suddenly found that there was a card in the box.

Madeline turned it over and saw that there was a short sentence written on it. She figured Fabian was the one who wrote this.

However, it turned out that, contrary to her guess, Fabian did not want Lillian to become a princess.

What he hoped was that Lillian could grow up stronger and more tenacious, then one day in the future, she would become a queen with sharp edges.

That was the real intention of him giving Lillian the crown.

However, this gift was still too heavy.

Jeremy asked Madeline and Lillian to stay in the hotel, then went to find Fabian following the address.

It was getting late when he arrived. The servant said that Fabian had not come out of the study all afternoon because he had some important things to deal with, so Jeremy should go back first.

Initially, Jeremy wanted to put down the box and leave, but after contemplating for a few seconds, he still decided to see Fabian.

Due to Jeremy’s aura, the servant dared not send Jeremy away directly, so he said that he would report to Fabian first.

Jeremy waited patiently downstairs, and a while later, Fabian himself come down.

Fabian stared at Jeremy with neither dissatisfaction nor resentment in his eyes.

However, he frowned when he saw the box on the coffee table.

“What’s the meaning of this?“