Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2053

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2053 – Shirley quickly came back to her senses. She inexplicably felt a sense of anxiety creeping into her heart when she saw Carter staring gloomily at the embracing Madeline and Lillian.

“Eveline, why are you in F Country?” Shirley spoke deliberately, breaking the creepy atmosphere she was feeling.

Madeline slightly loosened her arms around Lillian and looked at Shirley who was in the wheelchair.

She had something to say to Shirley, but she decided to calm Lillian down first, then she slowly stood up while holding Lillian’s hand, looked at Carter, and spoke calmly.

“Carter, give me some time. I will not take Lily away by force. I also know that you will give me this opportunity, so don’t worry, I won’t risk my daughter’s safety.”

Carter seemed dissatisfied, but he glanced at Shirley as if he had compromised.

However, without speaking, Carter merely turned around silently, stepped out of the door, and closed the door.

Madeline knew that Carter would be guarding the door, so it would be impossible to leave, but at least the air around her was not so rigid and depressing at the moment.

“Lily, I need to talk to this nice lady, so please be a good girl,” Madeline bent over and said softly to Lillian.

Lillian blinked her big eyes and nodded obediently.

Madeline smiled happily. She then stood up straight and faced Shirley.

“ I believe you must be the reason why Lily is well taken care of. Thank you, ” Madeline thanked Shirley from the bottom of her heart.

Shirley had not expected to hear these two words again. Although she felt touched, she laughed at herself.

“Don’t thank me, I’m just making up for the mistake I’ve made. I just want to be a normal person in my limited remaining days, and I want to be a good person in some people’s eyes.”

Madeline understood what Shirley was saying. “ I think you’ve already done it. Also, even though Carter has a deep hatred and is very opinionated towards us, he probably is sincere toward you. You should not worry too much about your body. A treatment plan will be forthcoming soon.”

Upon hearing this, Shirley looked at Madeline in confusion. “Why do you say that?”

Madeline smiled slightly and told Shirley what had happened not long ago.

“ I think Carter brought you to Country F to treat you. I guess he’s hoping that you can return to the way you were before.”

Shirley was frozen in shock when she heard that.

She thought about what she had asked him during her argument with him in the past few days.

She had believed that he brought her to F Country to abduct Jeremy and Madeline’s daughter for revenge, but it turned out that this was not Carter’s main purpose?

Now that she had remembered, he did ask her back then, “Shirley, do you really think I came to F country for this little thing?”

It seemed that he came here for her. Impossible.

Shirley could not believe that Carter was risking himself to come to F Country for her.

Carter obviously loved himself the most.

When Madeline saw Shirley spacing out, she continued, “But you might have to wait for a bit. That doctor’s schedule is full for now.”

“ It’s fine. ” Shirley’s eyes were red. She said with a grin, “I am a doctor too, so I know my condition. I will never stand again, and as for the scar on my face, I know I can fix it, but I don’t think it’s necessary now.”