Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2049

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2049 – As soon as Fabian had finished complaining, they heard a jingle from downstairs of the coffee shop.

It was the sound of wind chimes when the door opened.

The cafe was closed today, so Carter was the only one who would enter the store at this time.

Sure enough, they heard the waiter’s polite voice in the next second, “Mr. Gray, you are here. The boss and his friends are already waiting for you upstairs. What would you like to drink?”

Carter turned a deaf ear and, without even sparing a glance at the waiter out of the corner of his eye, walked toward the stairs on his own.

Carter seemed to frown in dissatisfaction when he saw that Madeline and Fabian were also there on the second floor.

“Why are you here too?”

Fabian stood up suddenly, his expression colder than Carter’s.

“Carter, Professor Laker whom you want to see is already here. We have done what you asked for, so I hope you can also fulfill your promise.”

“Heh. ” Carter sneered indifferently. After that, he walked past Madeline and Fabian as if he did not see them and walked straight to Evan’s father.

After confirming that he was the same person in the photo he had investigated, Carter had a rather satisfied smile on his face.

“Hello, Dr. Laker. I’m Carter Gray, and I want to talk to you about the physical condition of my friend in detail.”

Evan’s father nodded and smiled amicably. “Mr. Gray, please tell me. I will give you a reasonable treatment plan after understanding the condition in detail.”

Carter followed with a smile, but then, he scanned Madeline and the gang in displeasure.

“I just want to talk to Dr. Laker. If you want to see Lillian after this, you should leave us alone.”

“Carter, you…” Fabian was angry, but Madeline stopped him when he wanted to say something more.

“Let’s go out and wait,” Madeline said, lowering her eyes and looking at Carter with a cold and arrogant expression. “Even though he may have no

integrity with us, I believe that he won’t fool around with his good friend’s condition.”

When Carter heard that, the sneer on his lips stiffened slightly. He raised his sharp narrow eyes to meet Madeline’s gaze. He clearly knew that Madeline was referring to Shirley.

Madeline looked into Carter’s eyes fearlessly before turning around coolly.

Fabian glared at Carter, then he followed Madeline downstairs angrily.

Evan glanced at his father. He was a little worried to let Carter talk to his father alone.

As if seeing Evan’s concerns and worries, his father was very easy-going and calm. “Evan, you and your friends ought to head outside and wait first. I’ll talk with Mr. Gray alone.”

“Okay, I’ll go downstairs first. Call me if anything happens.”

“Okay.” Evan’s father smiled slightly. His kind face made others feel very comfortable.

After hearing his father’s reply, Evan went downstairs.

They did not wait outside either, but instead, they found a quiet corner downstairs and sat down. They waited patiently as they drank coffee.

Soon after sitting down, Madeline received a call from Jeremy.

She knew that Jeremy must have come to ask about Lily’s situation, but she could not let Jeremy see Lillian now, so she had to ignore the call.

“Was that Jeremy?” Fabian was a little puzzled by Madeline’s actions. “Why didn’t you answer his call?”

Madeline smiled faintly. “I video called him last night and said that I would go to the hospital to see Lily today, but in fact, Lily isn’t in the hospital, and I can’t let Jeremy see Lily now.”

Madeline reluctantly put down the phone.

“We’ll wait for Carter and Professor Laker to finish talking. Then, I’ll see if I can try to get Carter to let me and Lily meet first. I’m really worried about the kid.”

Madeline looked at the phone screen that lit up again, and her heart became a little anxious.

“Don’t worry, Eveline. Lily was taken away by Carter from my hands. So, I will definitely take Lily back from Carter’s hands. I promise you.” Fabian made a firm promise.