Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2047

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2047 – “Aren’t you? Didn’t you abduct Lily to retaliate against her father?” Shirley said coldly without raising her head.

Carter knew Shirley would think of him this way, so he did not even bother explaining.

“You will soon know the true purpose of me bringing you to F Country.”

After Carter finished speaking solemnly, he lowered his eyes and turned his attention to Lillian who was eating an apple.

“The enemy’s daughter is eating apples so happily, while my child could only eat dust. Hmph! ” Carter sneered and suddenly, he reached out and pushed the fruit bowl in front of Lillian away.

With a clang, the fruit bowl fell on the plush carpet.

Lillian was obviously taken aback by Carter’s behavior.

She stared blankly at Carter, who was throwing a tantrum, with her big, pure, and clean eyes.

Upon seeing this, Shirley immediately scolded Carter, “Carter, you are a grown man. There are

many ways to vent any dissatisfaction in your heart and yet you lose your temper with such a small child.”

As she spoke, she suddenly showed a glad yet sarcastic smile.

“Fortunately, that child is gone. If that child were born, he’d be sad for having a father like you.”

When Carter heard this, his eyes sank instantly.

“ If our child had a chance to come into this world, I’d definitely spoil him so that he becomes the happiest child in the world. But who is this little thing? She’s not my daughter, so why should I be polite to her?”

“Aren’t other people’s children also children?” Shirley asked, the disappointment in her eyes intensifying. “How did you become like this? You’re so cold-blooded because of that so-called hatred in your heart.”

After she finished speaking, she stopped looking at Carter and then reached out her hand to Lillian.

“Lily, ignore him. We’ll go back to the room to sleep.”

Lillian obediently placed her hand into Shirley’s palm before turning around with her.

Annoyed, Carter took out the cigarette case from his coat pocket.

He rarely smoked, but since that thing happened in the Royal Palace of St. Piaf, he would want to smoke whenever he met some trouble.

It seemed as if this could make him temporarily forget all the troubles.

However, after the cigarette was completely burnt, the things upsetting him came to mind one after another.

The child whom he was not destined to meet. Shirley’s body.

Carter irritably put out the cigarette he had just lit, turned, and left the hotel.

That night, Madeline followed Fabian to his villa.

Fabian took Madeline to Lillian’s room and gave Madeline all the reports on Lillian’s physical condition these days.

Madeline sat by the bed, flipping through Lillian’s medical records over the past few months.

These data were neatly organized, and Madeline could clearly see that Lillian’s physical indicators were getting closer to normal day by day.

As Madeline read those records, she started to feel moisture in the corners of her eyes.

She was such a young child and yet she had suffered so much.

She was a delicate flower that grew up in the greenhouse. She had never known the sinister nature of society, but evil and dark forces had repeatedly poured into her clean and innocent world to hurt her young and innocent heart.

“Lily is indeed a very sensible and obedient girl,” Fabian exclaimed, a smile of joy overflowing on his handsome face.

“Even though she can’t speak, she always expresses her thoughts through actions. Sometimes when I’m upset, she’ll stay quietly by my side to accompany me.”