Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2022

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2022 – One had to remember that Lillian was not a normal healthy child.

Her leukemia was still in the recovery stage, so if the recovery did not go well, relapse would be very likely.

He had no idea who was the man in black who took Lillian from under his nose.

However, he knew that this man was an ordinary kidnapper because he came only for Lillian.

While Fabian was at a loss, a servant suddenly rushed in.

He thought that there was news from Lillian, but he was surprised to see Madeline walk in from the hallway.

“Eveline?” Fabian was surprised.

Did Madeline know that Lillian was kidnapped? No.

That was impossible.

Lillian only went missing a few hours ago, and at that time Madeline should have been on the plane, so it would have been impossible for her to have arrived so soon.

“It’s me.” Madeline stepped forward and walked up to Fabian. “I’m sorry for coming here uninvited and disturb you, Mr. Johnson. I came to see my daughter.”

Madeline explained her intentions directly.

She smiled slightly and then thanked him again.

“Thank you for going through the trouble of taking care of my daughter during this period, Mr. Johnson. I truly appreciate it. I know you are very prejudiced against me and my husband and you won’t let me take my daughter away, but you can at least let me see her, can’t you?”

Fabian understood what Madeline meant, but now, he could not let Madeline see Lillian.

Rather, he could not tell Madeline that Lillian had been kidnapped.

When Madeline saw that Fabian was silent, she felt a little suspicious.

“Are you going to deny this request, Mr. Johnson? She’s my biological daughter after all.”

“So what?”

Fabian parted his lips suddenly and asked Madeline in a cold tone.

“Eveline, leave now. You are not welcome here.” Fabian chased her away with an impatient look.

Madeline looked at Fabian’s cold expression. She had not expected to get into such a rigid relationship with Fabian.

Madeline furrowed her brows unconsciously. “ Fabian, I told you to come to me and Jeremy if you have any dissatisfaction. Lily is innocent.”

“Yes, she is. So, why are you so worried, Mrs. Whitman? I won’t hurt the innocent.”

Fabian said leisurely and turned around to sit down on the sofa.

“Eveline, it’s useless even if you stayed here because Lillian isn’t here.”

“Lily isn’t here?” Madeline looked upstairs suspiciously.

Sensing Madeline’s doubt, Fabian said magnanimously, “If you don’t believe me, you can take a look upstairs. If you can find your daughter, you can take her away straightaway.”

Fabian sounded very confident.

Madeline expected that Lillian was truly not here, but she still went to look for her.

After searching the entire villa, however, she still did not find Lillian.

Regardless, during her search, Madeline saw the room that she had seen in her usual video calls.

That was the room Fabian arranged for Lillian.

The decorations and renovation looked warm. It was evident that someone had put their heart into decorating this room.

Madeline was also certain that Fabian was the one who had invested so much effort for Lillian.

Fabian had truly been considerate in taking care of Lilian, but Madeline could not understand his mindset and the purpose behind his actions.

At this moment, Madeline heard Fabian answering a phone call downstairs.