Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2018

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2018 – His gaze darkened, and he turned back to the rented car.

Approximately twenty minutes later, Carter saw Fabian carrying Lillian back into the car.

His car was parked behind Fabian’s car so that he could easily observe Fabian and Lillian’s movements.

After a while, Fabian started the car and Carter followed behind.

He saw Fabian leading Lillian into a toy store that sold Barbie dolls. They then went to sit at a dessert shop for a while before they finally went back to the villa.

After a few days of observation, Carter realized that this was the sequence in which Fabian took Lillian out of the house every day.

As for Carter, he had completely figured the sequence out.

What Shirley could not figure out was what Carter was doing when he went out at such a time every day.

Intentional or otherwise, she had probed and asked him before. However, Carter, who evidently did not want to tell her, would muddle over the topic or change the subject each time she asked.

The more Carter behaved like this, the more Shirley felt that there was a problem.

This afternoon, Carter went out again.

Shirley, seated in the wheelchair, thought about it for ten seconds before deciding to follow him.

She had no idea when Carter rented a car. He then drove away quickly.

Shirley had limited mobility, but fortunately, taxis for the disabled could be called here.

However, once Shirley had gotten on her ride, Carter’s car was nowhere to be seen.

She could only ask the driver to drive around aimlessly. She said that she was from overseas and she did not know what was fun in F Country.

Additionally, she said that she just wanted to go around and get some fresh air.

The driver expressed his understanding and drove Shirley around. As they drove around aimlessly, they came to the busiest and biggest park in the city.

Shirley was surprised to find Carter’s car here. Through the window, she confirmed that the man sitting in the driver’s seat was Carter.

‘Why is he here?’

Shirley was confused, and she asked the driver to stop the car.

“Sir, I seem to have spotted an acquaintance, but I am not very sure. Can you follow the car in front of you for me later?”

Shirley pointed to Carter’s car and requested. Without thinking much about it, the driver agreed.

“Thank you, ” Shirley thanked the driver. As she finished speaking, she saw that the car parked in front of Carter’s was driving away, and in the next second, Carter also started his car.

Shirley was smart, and she almost immediately saw that Carter was following the silver car in front.

Shirley was curious about who the person in that car was and why would Carter follow them every day for so many days. However, she could not think of an answer even after racking her brain.

Before long, Fabian and Carter’s cars stopped one after another.

Shirley lowered the window and saw Fabian getting out of the car holding Lillian.

She did not know Fabian and Lillian, but she felt that the little girl Fabian was holding in his arms looked a little familiar.

‘Who are they? Why is Carter stalking them?’

Shirley was curious, and at this moment, she saw Carter getting out of the car.

Dressed entirely in black, Carter exuded a mysterious, cold aura.

Shirley watched Carter entering the dessert shop. From this second on, Shirley felt very anxious as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

She kept feeling like something was about to happen. As she expected, the moment she was feeling worried, Carter ran out of the dessert shop.

What shocked Shirley the most was that the little girl Shirley had seen a moment ago was in Carter’s arms—and the girl was Lillian!