Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 2006

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 2006 – When she heard what Madeline had said, Hannah nodded gently, but her eyes were full of doubt and disdain. “Eveline, you seem very confident.”

“If you don’t have this confidence, customers wouldn’t pay a high price to ask me to make the perfume for them.”

“Hmph.” Hannah chuckled, expressing her defiance. “I believe that no matter what it is, as long as you do it seriously, as long as you work hard at it, you’ll be rewarded! You may be good at perfume making, but practice makes perfect.”

Madeline heard Hannah’s overconfident words, and Madeline did not want to make any rebuttals.

She already knew that Hannah was like this.

Apart from the times when she would be a little afraid in front of Carter, she was self-centered and quite conceited.

Madeline said nothing. She merely allowed Hannah to stay with her in the laboratory.

Hannah, who seemed very focused on learning, watched Madeline making perfume.

During this time, Madeline went to the restroom and unexpectedly ran into Jeremy who was just outside the door.

Jeremy grabbed Madeline’s wrist and took her directly back to his office.

“Linnie, why did you agree to let her follow you?” Jeremy asked directly. He was bewildered by Madeline’s decision.

“Aren’t you going to support me no matter what happens?” Madeline asked jokingly.

Jeremy was stunned when he heard the words. “Of course, I support you, Linnie, but this is already my biggest concession. I’m worried that she’ll get too close to you.”

“Don’t worry, she doesn’t really want to learn from me. Her main purpose is to see me become a laughingstock.”

Upon hearing this, Jeremy quickly thought of the surveillance footage he had seen on Madeline’s phone during afternoon tea.

He quickly understood why Madeline was doing this.

Based on the change in Jeremy’s eyes, Madeline knew that Jeremy already understood why she was doing this.

She smiled and held the man’s hand. ‘So, don’t worry about me. Your wife is much smarter now. And I’ve been through so much. I’m untouchable, and I can handle anything.”

Madeline’s expression looked serious when she said this.

“But, sometimes, I am indeed very fragile. I’m not scared of those people coming at me with ill intentions, but if it involves you, our children, or m y family, I’d lose my bearings.”

When Jeremy heard that, his heart ached, and he lifted his hands and caressed Madeline’s cheek.

“Me too. The thing I’m more terrified of is seeing you and the children getting hurt.”

“I can feel it because I feel the same way as you do, Jeremy.” Madeline patted Jeremy’s hand.

“Alright, I have to go back now.”

“Wait. ” Jeremy took Madeline’s hand again. Before Madeline could ask him what was wrong, the man’s sweet k**s fell on her eyebrows.

Feeling the tenderness Jeremy had given her, Madeline felt a sweetness in her heart.

She tiptoed and responded with a k**s on Jeremy’s cheek before turning around.

The sun was setting in the evening when Madeline had prepared the relevant matters and was setting out to meet the client at the designated location.

Hannah also followed Madeline into the company’s MPV that was specifically used to pick up Madeline.

In the car, Hannah saw that Madeline was still looking through the documents seriously, so she approached Madeline and asked inquisitively and curiously.

“Is this customer tonight important?”

“Every customer is important, ” Madeline replied without raising her head.

After being chided by Madeline, even though Hannah was dissatisfied, she was still a little out of character. She continued to ask, “So, what will happen if we mess up the order?”