Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1992

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1992 – Hannah bit her lip and stared in the direction in which Jeremy and Madeline had left; her eyes were red and unwilling.

She knew that she had made a mistake; she had not investigated some things clearly before making things up.

She also knew that no one believed what she said, but she did have a relationship with Jeremy!

She would never forget what happened in the Royal Palace of St. Piaf that day for the rest of her life!

Jeremy brought Madeline back to the car. Once the car had gotten onto the road, the air about them fell into a moment of silence.

Jeremy’s leg was injured, so Madeline was driving the car. After a long moment of heavy silence, Jeremy opened his mouth and spoke.

“Did you know that it was dangerous? If she could make a fuss at the entrance of the company with no regard for her own reputation, you should know that she’s not a good person. How can you take the risk to see her alone?”

Jeremy’s words sounded like a reproach, but in fact, he was more concerned and worried about Madeline. Madeline was very clear about this in her heart.

She stayed silent for a few seconds and then quickly admitted her mistake. “I made you worry.”

Jeremy had not wanted to make Madeline admit her mistakes when he said that. He reached out and touched Madeline’s hand lightly.

Madeline felt Jeremy’s concern, so she waited for the traffic light to turn red and looked at Jeremy and smiled. However, her beautiful eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

“Jeremy, what are you going to do next?”

“Are you pitying her, sympathizing with her, Linnie?”

Madeline shook her head. “She lied. She’s not pregnant, and I didn’t ask someone to take action against her. But you and her…”

“Linnie, let’s not talk about this anymore.”

Jeremy changed the subject and frowned slightly. “ That was a trap set up by Carter. The only pity she deserves is being used by Carter.”

“She wasn’t used by Carter, ” Madeline explained. “ She consented to it because she really likes you.”

When Jeremy heard that, his eyes flashed with emotion, and he looked at Madeline in slight surprise. He then heard Madeline saying those words Hannah had admitted not long ago.

This woman had cooperated with Carter knowingly. She had been used, but this was exactly what she had been looking for.

After learning about this situation, Jeremy suddenly felt a burst of disgust and mental nausea.

It turned out that there were actually many women who were shameless like Meredith in this world.

In St. Piaf.

Carter had been hiding in this room with Shirley for a few days.

The rain had been raining ceaselessly for the past few days. Shirley’s body had become a little weak probably due to the rain, so she could only rest in bed every day.

Although Carter had a cold p***r face every day, he still took care of Shirley patiently.

For the past few days, Shirley had been thinking about what test reagents Carter used until she saw the news of a woman named Hannah Bolton making a fuss in Whitman Corporation in Glendale when Shirley was online.

After reading all the relevant news, she finally had an accurate guess.

She put down her phone, and coincidentally, when she was about to call Carter, Carter came in with the freshly prepared meal.

“Was it the hallucinogen?” Shirley asked quite directly.

Carter stopped in his tracks, and then he walked calmly to the bed and put down the tableware.

“Eat, ” Carter said, parting his lips slightly. He had not been grooming himself in the past few days. His original soft and fair face was covered with stubbles which made him look a little more tired and as though he had been through the mill.

Shirley did not touch the tableware but merely looked at Carter coldly instead. “Answer my question. It was the hallucinogen, wasn’t it? You used the hallucinogen on Jeremy, so that’s why this happened! ” Shirley said and threw the phone at Carter’s body. “Pick it up and see what you’ve done!”